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  1. Jan 2023
    1. All applications must include a Human Subjects ResearchStatement (

      Human Subject Research Statement

    2. Applicants will also be asked toprovide past performance information on whether journal publications or associated authormanuscripts, and the associated underlying scientific research data and metadata

      prior art

    3. Research applications mustinclude a discussion on how the proposed research will seek sustainable solutions that protect theenvironment and strengthen our communities

      Disucssionb of innovation and sustainability, which is required

    4. pplicants must address one of the research areas listed below in their applications. Note thateach application must be submitted using a single Funding Opportunity Number (FON).

      Must approach one of these, Clean and Healthy Air (Funding Opportunity Number: EPA-G2023-P3-Q1)

      We must identify a single FON

    5. EPA also requires that grant applicants adequately describe environmental outputs and outcomesto be achieved under assistance agreements

      required outcomes