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  1. Mar 2020
    1. This source is presented by Google who is well-known by its platform to inform and provide technological advancers for others. This particular report highlights the major trends for K-12 classrooms worldwide. This analysis provides data and interviews gathered from students and teachers about the evolution of K-12 classrooms. Rating: 9/10

    1. Roles and Practices of Educators in Technology-Supported Learning

      This article examines how technology is used in classrooms by educators and students in the every-changing technology realm. I liked how this article addressed the professional development educators need in K-12 classrooms. There are multitude of ways educators can gain additional learning opportunities for themselves or their students via technology. K-12 Educators can share their skills with other educators via online platforms. Rate: 7/10

    1. This article explores how technology can be utilized in the K-12 classroom. Educators can consider this a professional development due to the content it covers. Technological language can be decoded and evaluated through instruction. Teacher can use what children, adolescents, and teenagers are interested in technology wise. Incorporating this into the classroom will be engaging for learners. Rate: 7/10