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  1. Nov 2015
    1. He fell, and expired almost instantly.


    2. “Alas!” said Mr. Temple, “if thou wert the seducer of my child, thy own reflexions be thy punishment.

      It is more painful for Montraville to live with this guilt. Death would be the easy way out.

    3. “beware if you have dared to behave either unjust or dishonourably to that poor girl, your life shall pay the forfeit:—I will revenge her cause.”

      Well get ready to revenge it then, Montraville because that's exactly what he did

    4. “Oh then, my dear Madam,” cried he, “tell me where I may find my poor, ruined, but repentant child.”

      Nooooo ugh come on this is so sad

    5. offspring of disobedience



      That's a hell of a title for a chapter

    7. Such were the dreadful images that haunted her distracted mind, and nature was sinking fast under the dreadful malady which medicine had no power to remove.

      The stress and the mistreatment have finally caused her to lose her mind

    8. and before the dawn gave birth to a female infant.

      Another girl to be oppressed by society...

    9. The kneeling figure of Charlotte in her affecting situation might have moved the heart of a stoic to compassion; but Mrs. Crayton remained inflexible.

      She is such a horrible, terrible, awful person.

    10. I hope, Sir, your prejudices are now removed in regard to the probability of my story? Oh they are. Well then, with your leave, I will proceed.

      This is sassy...

    11. and do you think I will give away my property to a nasty, impudent hussey, to maintain her and her bastard; an I was saying to my husband the other day what will this world come to; honest women are nothing now-a-days, while the harlotings are set up for fine ladies, and look upon us no more nor the dirt they walk upon

      Yikes...this lady has zero compassion. These are the kind of people Charlotte has been hiding from all along

    12. Never did any human being wish for death with greater fervency or with juster cause


    13. he gave up the attempt, and left her to follow the bent of her own inclinations

      That's what she would do anyway so he might as well give up trying to contain her

    14. ttracted by the blooming health of a farmer’s daughter

      Of course

    15. and I lifted you into the chaise

      And kidnapped her...

    16. Belcour promised to fulfil the request of his friend, though nothing was farther from his intentions

      Of course it wasn't

    17. but I will place a sum of money in your hands, which will amply supply her with every convenience

      Don't trust Belcour!

    18. “Yes, we will receive her,” said Mr. Temple; “we will endeavour to heal her wounded spirit, and speak peace and comfort to her agitated soul. I will write to her to return immediately.’

      Charlotte was so afraid her parents would hate her...children never seem to understand how deeply they are loved by their parents

    19. “Alas!” said Julia, “I pity you.”

      Just what every man wants to hear from his crush!

    20. Oh that cursed French woman,

      Damn it, La Rue!

    21. Had it not been for me, she had still been virtuous and happy in the affection and protection of her family.

      You got that right

    22. “‘Tis false; I never desired him to come, and you know I did not: but mark me, Charlotte, from this instant our connexion is at an end. Let Belcour, or any other of your favoured lovers, take you and provide for you; I have done with you for ever.”

      Oh yeah sure, turn it all around on her. You're just trying to MARRY ANOTHER WOMAN

    23. and the first object that met his eyes was Charlotte asleep on the bed, and Belcour by her side.

      Oh shit! Some friend you've got there, huh Montraville?

    24. he was commanded on duty

      I hope he gets shot

    25. so come along, my lad, make good use of opportunity, and seize the gifts of fortune while they are within your reach

      Basically..."marry Julia because she's rich and then I can have Charlotte because she's hot"

      What a douche

    26. Montraville turned pale as ashes. “Then there is no faith in woman,” said he.

      Hypocrite! You're the one seeing another woman!

    27. because a little foolish, fond girl chose to leave her friends, and run away with you to America.

      Or was kidnapped by you two creepy old dudes...



    29. If my child should be a girl (which heaven forbid

      I wonder what it was like to be a mother to a daughter during this time, knowing that they were likely going to grow up feeling as though they are worthless in society...

    30. by one of my own sex,

      Women must have really had to stick together during such an oppressive time, so being betrayed by another woman was a huge deal

    31. shouldst thou even disown me, I dare not complain, because I know I have deserved it

      Damn, she is really beating herself up about this. She was just a child though, she really didn't know any better

    32. she was shocked to the soul to find how large a share La Rue had in the seduction of this amiable girl, and a tear fell, when she reflected so vile a woman was now the wife of her father.

      La Rue is so damn selfish

    33. She paused, glanced her eye upon her own visible situation, and, spite of her endeavours to suppress them, burst into tears.

      Charlotte doesn't see herself as being a valuable friend because her situation makes her such an outcast of society

    34. I would pay her a visit, offer her my friendship, and endeavour to restore to her heart that peace she seems to have lost, and so pathetically laments.

      What an empathetic woman she is to desperately want to help Charlotte

    35. Come, friendly death, thy mandate give, And let me be at peace.

      She's real depressed...good work Montraville

    36. but before he went he fixed a scorpion in the heart of Charlotte, whose venom embittered every future hour of her life.

      How nice of him...kick her while she's down

    37. her swoln eyes and neglected attire, at once told him she was unhappy

      Wow, great detective work

    38. “He certainly cannot be so base as to leave me,”

      Oh yes he can darling

    39. My dear Charlotte must not be surprised, if she does not see me again for some time:

      Or if you never see me again because I have fallen in "love" with another girl...

    40. “I shall never forget you, Charlotte,” he replied, pressing her hand.


    41. “I imagined I loved Charlotte: but alas! I am now too late convinced my attachment to her was merely the impulse of the moment.

      You couldn't have figured that out before you kidnapped her and dragged her to America and made her miserable?

    42. Montraville glanced his eye on her grey night gown and black ribbon

      Stop looking at young girls!!!!

    43. I will return this box,” said he, “which has been the source of so much uneasiness already, and in the evening pay a visit to my poor melancholy Charlotte, and endeavour to forget this fascinating Julia.”

      Because his resolutions to be a "good guy" worked out so well before...

    44. he forgot Charlotte, and indulged himself in saying every thing that was polite and tender to Julia

      That didn't take much for him to forget the girl he BROUGHT TO AMERICA WITH HIM

    45. Montraville was introduced to her by the following accident.

      I smell trouble...

    46. shame bows her to the earth, remorse tears her distracted mind, and guilt, poverty, and disease close the dreadful scene: she sinks unnoticed to oblivion.


    47. and laments her want of power to recall his lost affection; she knows there is no tie but honour, and that, in a man who has been guilty of seduction, is but very feeble: he may leave her in a moment to shame and want; he may marry and forsake her for ever

      A woman has no power in a relationship with a man unless she is married to him (even then it is very little, but at least there's some).

    48. she knows he cannot leave her to unite himself to another: he cannot cast her out to poverty and contempt

      There is security in being married, even if you're unhappy

    49. The wife, whose breast glows with affection to her husband, and who in return meets only indifference, can but faintly conceive her anguish.

      Loving someone that doesn't love you back would be excruciating.

    50. What painful hours of expectation would she pass! She would sit at a window which looked toward a field he used to cross, counting the minutes, and straining her eyes to catch the first glimpse of his person, till blinded with tears of disappointment, she would lean her head on her hands, and give free vent to her sorrows:

      Sounds like one of those "damsels in distress" from fairytales that are locked inside towers all day

    51. hat all her sorrows were forgotten while blest with his society

      He is all that she has, so even though he is the reason she is so alone and away from her family, she still loves and needs his company.

    52. but business and pleasure so entirely occupied his time

      And pleasure? Hmm...other women perhaps?

    1. He laughed at her simplicity, called her a little idiot, and patting her on the cheek, said she knew nothing of the world.

      She's fifteen, what do you expect?!

    2. her sole aim was to awaken a passion in his bosom that might turn out to her advantage

      Gold digger

    3. e therefore wisely resolved to walk on the deck, tear it in pieces, and commit the fragments to the care of Neptune, who might or might not, as it suited his convenience, convey them on shore.

      Ugh come on. Of course he tore it up...he wants Charlotte all to himself

    4. There is one misfortune which is worse than death.

      Marriage to an unworthy man?

    5. Oh would to heaven I had died but yesterday.”


    6. I think she was a very improper person to be entrusted with the care of such a girl as Charlotte Temple, or to be suffered to take her from under your immediate protection.”

      Too bad you he didn't speak up about this sooner

    7. into the arms of her betrayer.

      Interesting that it says "into the arms of her betrayer" as opposed to "her lover"

    8. “if you disappoint my ardent hopes, by all that is sacred, this hand shall put a period to my existence. I cannot—will not live without you.”

      So dramatic!

    9. “you are mine for ever.”

      Sounds a bit possessive

    10. convince Montraville of the necessity of adhering to the resolution of remaining behind; assure him of her affection, and bid him adieu.

      Because that plan has worked so well before...

    11. “But I hazard my dear reputation,” replied Mademoiselle, bridling.

      "Dear reputation"? It sounded like her reputation was`n't that great to begin with.

    12. Hymen shall sanctify our love


    13. I had flattered my fond heart, that I was dearer to Charlotte than any thing in the world beside.

      "Oh poor me!"

    14. that treacherous heart betrayed her; and, forgetful of its resolution, pleaded the cause of the enemy so powerfully, that Charlotte was unable to resist.

      Her emotions are getting the best of her

    15. Remember, therefore, your success in life depends entirely on yourself.

      That's some good advice

    16. I have been so lucky as to find the road to happiness, why should I be such a niggard as to omit so good an opportunity of pointing out the way to others.

      Is she saying virginity is the key to happiness?

    17. there is none equal to that which warms and expands the bosom, when listening to commendations bestowed on us by a beloved object, and are conscious of having deserved them.


    18. She saw, that the contents had awakened new emotions in her youthful bosom: she encouraged her hopes, calmed her fears, and before they parted for the night, it was determined that she should meet Montraville the ensuing evening.

      He must be one smooth-talker!

    19. I should never read a letter given me by a young man, without first giving it to her.

      Smart lady, especially considering the time period. Her mother is probably much more well-versed in the flattery of men. Also, mother knows best!

    20. “Prithee, don’t be such a foolish little prude,”


    21. I mean no more by what I have here advanced, than to ridicule those romantic girls, who foolishly imagine a red coat and silver epaulet constitute the fine gentleman; and should that fine gentleman make half a dozen fine speeches to them, they will imagine themselves so much in love as to fancy it a meritorious action to jump out of a two pair of stairs window, abandon their friends, and trust entirely to the honour of a man, who perhaps hardly knows the meaning of the word, and if he does, will be too much the modern man of refinement, to practice it in their favour.

      Wow...basically making fun of the fact that some women are so easily won over by flattery and appearances.

    22. ah! well-a-day for the poor girl who gazes on him: she is in imminent danger; but if she listens to him with pleasure, ’tis all over with her, and from that moment she has neither eyes nor ears for any other object.

      Men like that are apparently irresistible...a man in a uniform...

    23. will easily imagine the letter was made up of encomiums on her beauty, and vows of everlasting love and constancy; nor will he be surprised that a heart open to every gentle, generous sentiment, should feel itself warmed by gratitude for a man who professed to feel so much for her

      Flattery goes a long way...

    24. She was astonished at the liberties Mademoiselle permitted them to take; grew thoughtful and uneasy, and heartily wished herself at home again in her own chamber.

      She's in over her head

    25. pure and innocent by nature, it thinks not of the dangers lurking beneath those pleasures, till too late to avoid them

      Act first, think later

    26. But Mademoiselle possessed too much of the spirit of intrigue to remain long without adventures.

      Sounds like she just wants to have some fun!

    27. attended by Love and Hymen,


    28. when first she heard of Temple’s refusal, wept, raved, tore her hair, and vowed to found a protestant nunnery with her fortune


    29. determined to offer himself a candidate for Miss Weatherby’s favour.

      You can't have my son, but what about me?!

    30. marrying a woman for no other reason than because the affluence of her fortune would enable him to injure her by maintaining in splendor the woman to whom his heart was devoted

      Yeah it was pretty sleazy of his dad to suggest that

    31. Such was Miss Weatherby: her form lovely as nature could make it, but her mind uncultivated, her heart unfeeling, her passions impetuous, and her brain almost turned with flattery, dissipation, and pleasure; and such was the girl, whom a partial grandfather left independent mistress of the fortune before mentioned.

      She sounds like a brainless, spoiled brat.

    32. “Were my fortune such as would support her according to her merit, I don’t know a woman more formed to insure happiness in the married state.”

      Soo maybe he does have some ulterior motives?

    33. He pitied their sufferings, overlooked their faults, thought every bosom as generous as his own

      Seems a little naive

    34. When the heart has will, the hands can soon find means to execute a good action.

      There are little bits of wisdom like this thrown here and there throughout the story so far

    35. “but he has left orders with his lawyer never to give up the note till the utmost farthing is paid.”

      How can he still be pursuing a debt even when he has fled the country for killing a man? Hasn't he taken enough?

    36. When my wife and son were committed to their kindred earth, my creditors seized my house and furniture, which not being sufficient to discharge all their demands, detainers were lodged against me. No friend stepped forward to my relief; from the grave of her mother, my beloved Lucy followed an almost dying father to this melancholy place.

      Wow, he really had a tough time between the debt and the family tragedies. When it rains, it pours...

    37. She fell into a strong convulsion, and expired in about two hours.

      It's like she died of a broken heart!

    38. ; but offered to release me immediately, and make any settlement on her, if George would persuade her to live, as he impiously termed it, a life of honour.

      If he can have the girl, then he'll drop the charges against the father...man this guy is shady

    39. The next day he sent and demanded payment of his money.

      So this guy basically thought that his money would give him leverage to have the daughter. He pretty much though he had bought her.

    40. these passing clouds of adversity will serve only to make the sunshine of prosperity more pleasing.

      Temple is one hell of an optimist

    41. in which I can relieve the anxiety of your heart and increase the pleasures of my own.

      He really enjoys helping people

    42. wiped off a tear which he was afraid would tarnish the cheek of a sailor.

      Unwilling to look weak

    43. As he was universally known to be the friend of the unfortunate, his advice and bounty was frequently solicited

      Sounds like a nice guy

    44. and he beheld his sisters legally prostituted to old, decrepid men

      "legally prostituted"...pretty accurate way of describing a forced marriage!

    45. slipped a letter he had purposely written, into Charlotte’s hand, and five guineas into that of Mademoiselle

      He was quite prepared for this...

    46. the face of Charlotte Temple.

      Of course...must be fate!

    47. “I will at least see who these are,”

      Don't do it! Just leave, like you said!

    48. I must of necessity leave England in a few days, and probably may never return; why then should I endeavour to engage the affections of this lovely girl, only to leave her a prey to a thousand inquietudes, of which at present she has no idea?

      If he starts anything with her, it would be unfair because he has to leave for a long time, maybe forever

    49. where, in the midst of an extensive pleasure ground, stood the mansion which contained the lovely Charlotte Temple.

      Well that didn't take long to find

    50. having therefore spent three whole days in thinking on her and in endeavouring to form some plan for seeing her

      Wow, he's really lovestruck

    51. “I never think of the future,”

      That's one way to live...seize the day!

    52. but the improvement two years had made in her person, and the blush of recollection which suffused her cheeks as she passed, awakened in his bosom new and pleasing ideas.

      Come on dude, she's fifteen. Take it easy.

    53. nd they sauntered out to view the town, and to make remarks on the inhabitants

      They're people watching

    54. I shall feel a much higher gratification in reflecting on this trifling performance, than could possibly result from the applause which might attend the most elegant finished piece of literature whose tendency might deprave the heart or mislead the understanding.

      She wants this book to educate women more than she wants literary recognition for it.

    55. I have not wrote a line that conveys a wrong idea to the head or a corrupt wish to the heart

      She has tried to tell a tale true to reality

    56. The principal characters in this little tale are now consigned to the silent tomb:

      The people written about in this story are dead

    57. The circumstances on which I have founded this novel were related to me some little time since by an old lady who had personally known Charlotte, though she concealed the real names of the characters, and likewise the place where the unfortunate scenes were acted

      "Based on a true story"