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  1. Feb 2017
    1. Culture is unseen and immaterial, consisting of the ideas, values, and beliefs of a particular social group or society; but it is everywhere within us, shap­ing our behavior, helping us to choose the right things to say, providing rules for social interaction, and giving us mental blueprints for making the things we need, from bread pans to buildings

      While culture may indeed be the foundation for how things to be, it is individual personality and a lifetime of conscious decision that gives life and meaning to our surroundings.

    2. In this text, the authors explain the process of analysing the history of buildings and landscapes of certain geographical regions, and how areas are shaped by the experiences and cultures of those who lived in these places at specific times.

      Carter, T., & Cromely, E. C. (2005). Invitation to vernacular architecture: a guide to the study of ordinary buildings and landscapes. Knoxville, Tennessee: University of Tennessee.