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  1. Sep 2017
    1. Where these are, man is not sacred. He is a bird for the sportsman’s gun. By that most foul and fiendish of all human decrees, the liberty and person of every man are put in peril. Your broad republican domain is hunting ground for men. Not for thieves and robbers, enemies of society, merely, but for men guilty of no crime. Your lawmakers have commanded all good citizens to engage in this hellish sport. Your President, your Secretary of State, our lords, nobles, and ecclesiastics, enforce, as a duty you owe to your free and glorious country, and to your God, that you do this accursed thing.

      There is an excellent metaphor in this paragraph. The author compares slaves with birds for the sportsman's gun, which refers to republicans and slaveholders. The republican domain is like the hunting ground of the birds, and other people involved in this hellish business, are the supportors of this horrible sport.