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  1. Jun 2020
    1. coordinate follow-up action on Forum discussions and relay proposed policy approaches and recommendations from the Forum to the appropriate normativeand decision-making forums

      It is probably the key sentence in the Roadmap which supports issuing of recommendations by the IGF as envisaged in the Article 72 (g) of the WSIS Tunis Commitment.

  2. Jun 2017
    1. t the only way to address both violent extremism and ‘fake news’ is to provide a framework, which is currently missing in the online ecosystem, that favours journalism and good quality information.
    2. He noted that there needs to be greater transparency and accountability from both governments and companies with regard to content take-down processes currently in place.
    3. youth radicalisation and online social media. Meigs first stressed the great difficulty researchers face when studying radicalisation processes online due to the difficulty in accessing original data on
    1. engineers that have some values that they don’t like to see as values’. The IETF also stays out of the content space, but its values and technical principles have some elements in common with the issue of ‘Internet shut downs’
    2. It is clear that ICANN doesn’t go into content-related issues. But ICANN has a responsibility to work with its community,
    1. The protection of human rights in the digital space was also tackled during the discussions. Privacy and data protection were underlined as key aspects to be taken into account by the tech industry when developing applications that benefit the end-users (session 236). At the same time, it is no longer a matter of whether offline human rights apply online, but rather a matter of how their protection evolves over time and becomes increasingly ingrained in the development of standards and services (session 269).