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  1. Feb 2018
    1. In so doing, they experience “wob-ble” as a guaranteed and necessary part of the growth process. While wob-ble may initially cause frustration, it also signals a commitment to increased discipline and deepened practice. Persisting through wobble produces a sat-isfying sense of being “in the flow,” of focusing oneself so intently on the activity of the moment that time seems to disappear.

      As I mentioned earlier, I love the yoga metaphor. Specifically, from own experience, the concept of growth process is integral for educators. Recognizing one's limitations but always striving for self-improvement is important to maximize the impact for students. While I do not necessarily place complete credence "in the flow" of the metaphor, but I think that for educators when one has the self-awareness of one's inherent limitations, an individual becomes so much more effective within the classroom.