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  1. Feb 2016
    1. not all of them work in Congress

      nice -- appreciating the humor :D

    2. original question of which decision has a higher impact was originally raised in 2006 when the UN com-missioned a report, titled ‘Livestock’s Long Shadow.’

      I love this. That's all. I just really, really like this transition and statement and reference to another (outside) source, and (even better) one that immediately sounds (to my brain) reputable & well-searched.

      "The original question of .... was originally..." I just love this historical reference, going back & looking at where it came from.

    3. first thing that I found was that shortly after the UN’s report was published, Dr. Frank Mitloehner challenged their findings.

      Yay! More awesomeness. I love how you're doing this.

      Keep the audience moving, not settling on / taking a position, going into the history & research, presenting multiple sides -- fantastic.