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  1. Jun 2021
    1. most of the photos here were taken within the last day.

      this is absolutely incredible

      more collages please!!!!!

    1. most of the photos here were taken within the last day

      this is absolutely incredible

      more collages please!!!!!!

    1. It’s possible RSS / independent blogging couldn’t have survived that wave even if Google Reader was never shuttered.

      this is my feel too.

      it's large scale aggregation and filtering in exchange for erasure of independence and uniqueness. Nobody solved aggregation and discovery on a wide enough scale. Feels like RSS was mostly about distribution.

      the larger apps are push in a way the old content was pull

    1. My sense is there isn't enough constraints on the game - 10 posts of anything? I interpret this as 10 posts of everything, and I freeze.


    1. I don't exactly know what this will end up doing, which is perhaps why I think it's interesting. I don't even know if it makes sense.

      this definitely makes sense! reminds me a bit of Lord of the Rings // the ring situation - where you need equal buy-in from everyone in order to get to the next level

  2. May 2021
    1. Lack of predictability

      the coolest friendships and relationships I've had formed have basically been "we have no script, let's just explore together and see where it takes us"

      when I think of online dating - its predictability is helpful for keeping everyone sane. first date - something casual and non-committal in public. second - more intimate, maybe a dinner museum concert etc. etc etc

      my online interactions tend to branch out a lot more quickly: the second time meeting someone online might be on a cool new service, a random call, a figma file, a random discord we are both on and just realized, a group convo

      Unless I'm in a major metropolis there generally feels like there are farrrrr more "things" to do with people online and thus more room for serendipity and possible paths for us + our relationship to take while evolving

      on the other hand, joining a brand new unfamiliar community with random people - it may be very nice to know I am next expected in x days at y place with z intentions

    2. lots of differentiated perspectives will cover broader ground while finding commonality and ways to come together

      huge parallel to startups here! 4 person startup with 4 engineers is pretty much doomed. 4 different skill sets, who to some extent cannot truly verify or rate each other's work and thus require trust is a lot more likely to succeed

    3. "hey! there's 10 people in the room! let's play a (collaborative) game of..."

      imagining a UI interface here with options that go from grayed-out/mysterious to accessible+colored as more people are found, and certain other ones disappearing as the max participant count is exceeded

    4. Matchmaking

      yes! I remember playing online matched video games and each additional minute of lobby/wait time reduced my willingness to actually wait all the way

      one potential mechanism here is to drop people into the game so they can start creating something that's not critically sync, and more players join as they are found until critical mass it reached

      if however nobody does show up, there should probably be a mechanism to take that creation onto the next soft-lobby

    5. #anonymity doesn't foster building #trust. There's a lack of #accountability

      counterpoint: some of the most raw + revealing accounts on Twitter are alts/anon. Yet they engage in trust-full interactions with others and (for the most part) remain accountable to ethical behavior/norms/etc.

      Wondering if there are ways to incentive that, even without a strong association to one's identity

    6. true identity

      perhaps it allows them to just "unearth their identity"?

      agreed true/not true goes down a different road. But I think of it more as surface area/canvas to throw my unknown/unexplored/undefined personality against, each interaction unearthing a little more of myself

    7. Create an event. Want repeat encounters over a longer period of time in a relaxed setting? Create an offline community or daily challenges

      imagine these are the ends of just one spectrum/dimension, and there are many more interactions along this line and orthogonal to it

    8. and something plentiful

      great point - opportunities for deep relationships exist everywhere, but they are just that: opportunities. Require explicit steps to transform into something deeper