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  1. May 2019
    1. Important for me is that Open Pedagogy is an extension of and not a replacement for didactical approaches a teacher can use. Under certain conditions e.g. a “lecture hall approach” can still be a good way to teach about a subject.

      This is good to remember. Extension of not replacement for...

    2. I would say open pedagogy is an ethos that has two major components: A belief in the potential of openness and sharing to improve learning A social justice orientation – caring about equity, with openness as one way to achieve this

      Good points.

    1. Knowledge consumption and knowledge creation are not separate but parallel processes, as knowledge is co-constructed, contextualized, cumulative, iterative, and recursive.

      "knowledge construction is a social act"

    2. For example, constructivist pedagogy, connected learning, and critical digital pedagogy are all recognizable pedagogical strands that overlap with Open Pedagogy.
    3. “Open Pedagogy,” as we engage with it, is a site of praxis, a place where theories about learning, teaching, technology, and social justice enter into a conversation with each other and inform the development of educational practices and structures.

      Love this definition, especially the inclusion of praxis.