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  1. Apr 2018
    1. Perhaps this development should not be so surprising.120As early asChartismdand thus be-fore his visits to IrelanddCarlyle had written: ‘A people [the Irish] that knows not to speak thetruth, and to act the truth, such people has departed from even the possibility of well-being. Suchpeople works no longer on Nature and Reality; works now on Phantasm, Simulation, Nonentity;the result it arrives at is naturally not a thing but no-thing,ddefect even of potatoes.’121Carlyle’swords are arresting. Here the famished Irish bodyda ‘nonentity’, ‘not a thing but no-thing’disdiscursively stripped bare to what Giorgio Agamben calls ‘naked life’. According to Agamben’sdefinition, ‘naked life’ marks the site of an ‘incessant decision on value and non-value’dexactlythe task Carlyle assigned himself as ‘Eternity’scommissioner’ in Ireland.122This debate onhuman value and non-valuedwhich for Carlyle is inseparable from environmental and racialfactorsdmarks his passage into the domain of biopower and capitalist political eco

      ציטוט חשוב "עם שלא יודע לדבר אמת, לפעול לפי האמת, כזה עם איבד מעצם האפשרות לחיי-רווחה. כזה עם כבר לא עובד בטבע ובמציאות, אלא בחיזיון תעתועים, בסימולציה, באין-ישות. התוצאה שהוא מגיע אליה היא לא דבר ."היא לא-דבר