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  1. Sep 2023
    1. Dnsruby presents an enhanced API for DNS. It is based on Ruby's core resolv.rb Resolv API, but has been much extended to provide a complete DNS implementation.
  2. Sep 2021
  3. Aug 2021
    1. The above works great. However, the problem comes when I want to use literal types for my legal values. In my code, I want to do that so I can make sure I define a "handler" for every legal value: const legalValues = <const>["a", "b", "c"]; // later on... // Because legalValues entries are literal types, // I get a compiler error if I forget to define any behaviors const behaviors: { [K in typeof legalValues[number]]: any } = { a: something, b: somethingElse, c: anotherThing };
  4. Oct 2020
    1. Omitted details change everything here. There won't be circular dependency because unused import is skipped. Consider providing stackoverflow.com/help/mcve .
  5. Jul 2020
  6. Jun 2017