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  1. Apr 2017
    1. embly but horn-beasts. FTLN 168150 But what though? Courage. As horns are odious, FTLN 1682 they are necessary. It is said “Many a man knows no FTLN 1683 end of his goods.” Right: many a man has good FTLN 1684 horns and knows no end of them. Well, that is the FTLN 1685 dowry of his wife; ’tis none of his own getting. FTLN 168655 Horns? Even so. Poor men alone? No, no. The FTLN 1687 noblest deer hath them as huge as the rascal. Is the FTLN 1688 single man therefore blessed? No. As a walled town FTLN 1689 is more worthier than a village, so is the forehead of FTLN 1690 a married man more honorable than the bare brow FTLN 169160 of a bachelor. And by how much defense is better FTLN 1692 than no skill, by so much is a horn more precious FTLN 1693 than to want.
    2. ake thou no scorn to wear the horn. FTLN 219415 It was a crest ere thou wast born. FTLN 2195  Thy father’s father wore it, FTLN 2196  And thy father bore it. FTLN 2197 The horn, the horn, the lusty horn FTLN 2198 Is not a thing to laugh to scorn.