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  1. Dec 2016
    1. Green party candidate Jill Stein explains why she is calling for a recount of votes in three states, in a Facebook video posted on Thursday. Stein says the goal is not to overthrow Donald Trump, but to establish a voting system that is secure and trustworthy.

      Jill Stein called for the rust belt recount.

    1. Jill Stein's bid to seek a vote recount in three key Rust Belt states is gaining steam as pressure builds among liberals to challenge the presidential election results.The Stein campaign said it needed to raise over $2 million by Friday to pay for recounts -- a goal it quickly met. The fundrasing goal was then upped to $4.5 million, which it also met. The current goal is $7 million.

      Jill Stein announes bid, money flows in.