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  1. Jul 2020
    1. Users cannot reply, like, or retweet without comment

      i like a lot of this post (and have spent time trying to find where on twitter i mentioned withdrawing/correcting one's own posts, because i feel strong affinity for a lot of the ideas here),

      but this particular suggestion is fascist & stupid & strongly deserves glaring disapproval.

      this isn't just a take-backs tool. we can't just say bad thing after bad thing, say we were wrong, & get to deny people their stage to respond. tweets are a collective online phenomenon. critique & review must be ongoing, beyond the point where fault is accepted. we don't stop socialization at the point that someone says, yeah, i guess not.

    1. A very astute observation by @devonzuegel with some good advice to overcome this fact: "digital spaces generally have no equivalent of a disapproving glare."

      i'm both glad we're going to spend the next 3 years talking about moderation & online space & reinforcement & socialization but also i'm already so so tired of it.

      in huge part cause i don't think we are loose enough to engage productively. we're still staring at our belly buttons, spaced out, fascinated. and not doing a damned thing.