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  1. Jan 2022
    1. Living in spheres means creating the dimension in which humans can be contained. Spheres are immune-systematically effective space creations for ecstatic beings that are operated upon by the outside” (I, 28). Spheres then are shelters from formless, chaotic, and inhuman forces. They can be found wherever humans are found – in the womb, in the family, among friends, in church, in nations and empires, and on maps of our world and the cosmos. One might see each social or ideological sphere as the phenotypic expression of the human need for community.
    1. No one really has the language yet to describe the fragmentation of perspective that is beginning to unfold. Liberal democracy is designed to accommodate multiple "opinions" or even "points of view", but it's clear that what's happening now is beyond this.
    1. Schneider has continued to break records on Jeopardy! and has extended her record for longest winning streak by a woman with her 24th victory. She has become the highest-earning woman in the show’s history and fourth highest-earning regardless of gender, with a total of $897,600 (just over £660,000).
    1. Then she will make her way to the grief sub I help mod and will start posting that Doctors and Nurses killed him and screaming at other people grieving Covid deaths that they are sheep who are going to die of a fake disease.