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  1. Mar 2018
    1. when I am part of a learning community I fall in love with the collective intelligence produced by that community in an online space. An online space that we co-own, co-create, and co-engage in.

      This is the essence of education, right?? Co-create and co-engage. So, it's not only a matter of the enclosed gardens that endanger the Web, but also the effect they do on people: they are designed to inhibit the creation of Web stuff. Thus, they're foes not friends.

    2. I feel the web has devolved into a main menu driven experience for so many of us, only this time the content behind the choices is being delivered to enhance a revenue opportunity
    3. When the Internet really happened, I was struck by the open architecture of the Web and my ability to explore all that this new place had to offer. Discovering new websites that people were building and curating was pretty awe inspiring. It was huge … and it was really small.

      comentario aqui...

    4. Jonathan Zittran say something really interesting at the time — “the web has no main menu.”
    5. I can see what I was doing a handful of years ago or to see a forgotten picture of one of my children doing something cute.
    6. for the duration of the semester I get to create the Internet I love.
    7. Facebook is a main menu on the web. It is a filtered gateway that seems to have sucked the joy out of creating new and interesting open content online.
    8. using a course blog as the hub of the teaching and learning experience.