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  1. May 2019
    1. "type": "Geographic", "authoritativeLabel": "New Hampshire"

      To query locations that contain the string "New" like here search for:

      subject.componentList.authoritativeLabel: New AND subject.componentList.type:Geographic

    2. "changeDate": "2013-04-08T08:09:51",

      Date the record has changed.

    3. "geographicCoverage": [ { "id": "http://id.loc.gov/vocabulary/geographicAreas/n-us-nh", "type": "GeographicCoverage" } ],

      geographic coverage...

    4. Testing Hypothesis

    5. "id": "http://id.loc.gov/resources/works/c000000026",

      This is the LOD-id of the resource. Yeah well, it should, but as it doesn't resolve , it's kind of a theoretically LOD-id.

      You can use the last part of it, the loc identifier, to query the index like http://localhost:9200/loc/work/_search?q=c000000026 or to make an index lookup.

    6. "label": "Report of the trial of George Ryan : before the Superior Court at Charlestown, N.H., in the county of Cheshire, May term 1811, for highway robbery."

      The label for the work.

      Combines the title.mainTitle and title.subtitle fields. This field is set for 98 of 100 works in our test set. It can be queried in a field query with label:*.

      It is mapped to rdf-schema#label in our context.