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  1. Apr 2017
    1. This returns us to our earlier observation via Kittlerthat we tend to ascribe agency to people rather than to things. The concept of the fourfold asks us instead to reflect on the ways technological things gather and emplace,

      I find this idea that "technological things gather an emplace" to be helpful to some of the things I've been thinking about with my elaboration II and (maybe) my database project. We (as humans) are too self-absorbed to consider ascribing power to things, or where we do see power in things we see it merely as an extension or residue of the power of the person who created it. Considering "things" as having the ability to emplace seeing strangely empowering.

    2. that technology itself worlds us

      Excellent phrase. I think it is particularly useful for making "worlds" a verb, which--like "emplace"--ascribes agency to the thing over the human.