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  1. Nov 2016
    1. Though software designers influence what we see, what tasks we are meant to associate together, the windows metaphor invites us to imagine that we users have a certain kind of agency, that we have the opportunity to manage our own attention, that we can simply look out of this or that window, by choice, whenever we want to.

      I believe this is pointing at the text and visuals within and panel and comparing them to a window.

    2. With this innocuous panel, McGuire opens up a new continent of time

      Its amazing what can be conveyed through an image of a creature and a date to get such a heavy theme going.

    1. Here” blew apart the confines of graphic narrative and expanded its universe in one incendiary flash, introducing a new dimension to visual narrative that radically departed from the traditional up-down and left-right reading of comic strips.

      I find this interesting being the introduction of the place being the same and time being the changing factor as the thing that is different in the comic world.

  2. Oct 2016
    1. Moore and Gibbons present the aftermath of this event through six full-page pictures of bloody, dead bodies.

      This part definitely fit with the idea of visualizing the trauma for the audience to grasp it, by giving us recognizable people to see dead and the amount of time spent on that one scenes.