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  1. Sep 2015
    1. We might all agree that visitors should not struggle tofigure out howto open the front door (a problem we actually have, incidentally, due to handles that affordpushing but in fact pull to open)

      We face a lot of struggles simply in our everyday activities!

    2. Once inside, the admissions desk, bathrooms, and coffee cart are immediatelyapprehendable, allowing them to move effortlessly into the main exhibition space.

      Maybe at this museum. But I've been to lots of places where the admissions desk especially is not "immediately apprehendable," and I think this can really ruin an experience, especially one that is voluntary. It makes me think of my every day activity of observing people buy/re-fill their metro cards. The machines are NOT apprehendable and often malfunction. The difference is riding the subway is NOT a voluntary option for most people..unlike going to a museum.