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  1. Mar 2018
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    1. I say this house is as dark as ignorance,though ignorance were as dark as hell.

      Malvolio's attitude causes Olivia's staff to think little of him because he doesn't know his place in the household, causing everyone to tease and fool arounfd with him. This is after Olivia declares Malvolio mad, and sends him to a priest, who is disguised as Feste. This quote is explaining how Malvolio believes the house is so dark, comparing their ignorance and rudeness to hell. What the staff has done to him is unforgivable and ruthless. "Dark" and "ignorance" go hand in hand with one another because when one is ignorant, they are unclear of people's true intentions. Or this can mean that ignorance is the darkest trait, and that the house is tainted with this unforgivable attribute. Group 6