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  1. Oct 2018
    1. However, repositories are not mentioned specifically as valuable vehicles for OA deposit/publishing. And yet when Open Access platforms are specified as publishing venues, it is unclear if the reference is to repositories or funder open research platforms, for example. Providing greater clarity about the importance and breadth of the role of repositories in the implementation process will be important.  

      I think this underlines the need for re-imagining what repositories are and do. Reminds me ever always of the COAR Report on Future of Repositories.

    2. This critique of publishing costs is consistent with efforts that libraries are undertaking to negotiate fair prices for access to read, and publish, OA

      The continued conflation of OA to read/access and publish is interesting. I don't know yet if that alignment is happening in the US consciously.

    3. Funder, research organisation and library OA policies and strategies will become more aligned

      alignment is the future of open policy.

    4. a number of challenges remain if we are to see the 2020 goal met, primarily the multiple, varied details related to implementation

      is there anyway to advance an agenda with the implementation details already addressed? does this ever happen in policy?

    5. smart and fair use of public funds

      I think this is the reason that open science gets bound up in public policy - b/c its about efficient use of public funding.

    6. duty of care to the academic research system as a whole

      this is a powerful phrasing that I hope is true.

    7. Research funding organisation are the life-blood of research and innovation

      question I return to in my research - who holds what position in the future of research?

    8. A funder-driven mandate of this scope and scale is a first; and is very good news for OA.

      I wonder how it compares with the OSTP mandate from a few years back, although that lost some teeth after the administration changed over.