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  1. Jul 2020
    1. HOMEREADINFOSHOPGAMESNEWSMORE $(document).ready(function() { // Make content area responsive during preload var $content_container = $("#content_container"); var $anim_container = $("#animation_container"); var $_preload_div_ = $("#_preload_div_"); var w = $anim_container.width(), h = $anim_container.height(); var iw = $content_container.width(), ih = $content_container.height(); var pw = $_preload_div_.width(), ih = $_preload_div_.height(); var pRatio = window.devicePixelRatio || 1, xRatio=iw/w, yRatio=ih/h, sRatio=1, psRatio=1;; if ($.browser.mobile === true) { $anim_container.width(w*xRatio+'px'); $anim_container.height(h*xRatio+'px'); } else { $_preload_div_.css('left', ((iw-(pw))/2)+'px'); } }); Jade: Retrieve fursuit from magic chest. What is this nonsense about fursuits!!! You do not own a fursuit. You think ANTHROPOMORPHIC FAUNA are really cute and enchanting and all, but it has never occurred to you to dress as one. Sure, it is fun to imagine what it would be like to run wild with a pack of wolves, or purr and frolic with a litter of kittens, but dressing up as an animal just seems ridiculous. It would still just be a silly girl draped in a raggedy synthetic tufty piece of crap, and seriously who are you trying to kid with that sort of baloney! Anyway it is not a MAGIC CHEST, it it your GADGET CHEST, which you have adapted for storing a number of USEFUL GIZMOS. It was once your ORACLE'S TRUNK, a gift from your grandfather of course, and still contains many silly FORTUNE TELLING KNICKKNACKS, all of which are completely bogus. > Jade: Open chest. Start Over Go Back //<![CDATA[ $(document).ready(function() { Gamenav.checkAutosave(); }); //]]> Dismiss Save Game Auto-Save! Load Game Delete Game Data Options Contacts Privacy Policy © 2018 Homestuck and VIZ Media
    1. You have chalked it up to your family's longstanding propensity for eclectic fursuits wait you mean pursuits. > Jade: Retrieve fursuit from magic chest.


  2. Jun 2020
    1. This is an interesting article. Who has enough money to actually make a fursuit out of real fur? Still, it's a good example of the general public's perception of the subculture.

      I believe that the furry fandom has a large proportion of animal rights activists, vegans, etc., but I need to find research to back this up. I hope that FurCon and other associated conventions ban real fur, though.