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  1. Jan 2021
    1. toppings on a spreadsheet sundae.🍨🍦

      One of my fav toppings is to use Google Forms. Sheets is integrated completely there. In fact this is practically my only use case for google sheets so I am grateful for discussion of add-ons and other uses.

  2. Feb 2020
    1. Does this feel like your experience?

      When you do this long enough, yes, this is exactly the deal. I have always wanted to keep up connections, find ways to create useful tools, say newsletters, for my grads, but the zero sum day thwarts all. Only enough hours in a day to do what I do? I teach five university general education courses this semester. Three of them are comp courses. That means roughly 700-800 papers, a smattering of unusual projects, and 3500-5000 pages of material to read and respond to. I work harder in one semester than I can be bothered to explain to most people (except you). Why not be bothered? Because they would not believe me or they simply could not urge forth the imagination to generate the empathy needed to understand what I do. Yet...I feel it is important work and hard to stay connected to the fine folk who raft down the river of my course. I am grateful for the question, Dan. Very grateful.