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  1. Jan 2022
    1. item1 { grid-area: 1/1/2/4; } 这里使用了你之前学习的网格线编号来定义网格项的区域。 上例中数字代表这些值: grid-area: horizontal line to start at / vertical line to start at / horizontal line to end at / vertical line to end at; 因此,示例中的网格项将占用第 1 条水平网格线(起始)和第 2 条水平网格线(终止)之间的行,及第 1 条垂直网格线(起始)和第 4 条垂直网格线(终止)之间的列。

      奇数水平 偶数垂直

  2. Feb 2021
    1. You use grid-area, so the place for the side nav is allocated at start. If you hide (or even delete) the side nav, that won't change anything about this. You have to do a little trick: Set the width for the first column to 0 and change the grid-gap because otherwise you will have a (not needed) gap at the left.