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  1. Apr 2017
    1. The fraught United States presidential election cycle of 2016 has revealed a country divided along geographical and ideological lines. It has also bolstered a narrative of haves and have-nots, pitting the so-called coastal elites against “heartland” America.

      The 2016 US presidential election caused a huge divide among the country both geographical and ideological. There was a divide against the coastal states and "heartland" America. Where economically large coastal states such as California had been won over by Hillary, from the democrats. This was due to sharing similar values and ideologies. On the other land the majority of heartland states had voted for Trump, the republican party.This was mainly because people in the heartland states were still affected by the financial crisis of 2008. There was economic revival for the coastal states, heartland America was still affected. Thus this caused geographical and ideological division among the American people.