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  1. Apr 2022
    1. A good explanation of how the protocol works.

      Thank you, Jake! This was very useful.

  2. Jun 2021
    1. maybe sticking to a todo list despire a lack of motivation is very helpful for keeping my priorities straight, maybe it isn't. enthusiasm is hard to measure, track, and maintain, especially when working on projects with long time scales. it's often hard for me to see what the right decision, level of dedication or measure of effort is to invest into a task, so i will go all or nothing. i think most of this is a result of being overstimulated - overexposed to loads of information i can't absorb at my own pace, because social networks set the pace instead. i should write more about how unhealthy social networks are but i feel like i've leveraged instagram very well - though what real connections has it lead to? regardless, i'll keep up my posting regimen to ensure that i'm holding myself accountable in terms of my creative goals - three posts a week no matter what.

      I can relate to this :)

      In general my todo list is always growing as I keep adding items to it faster than I cross items off the list. I've grown sort of OK with it; I try to be mindful of completion bias and focus more often on things I have done.