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  1. Apr 2017
    1. (Insert better options…research this some more).

      I do enjoy your essay but would definitely recomment you do some more research on saftey concerns, statistics on how many people actually use transportation compared to the people just taking the street car, and maybe compare MARTA and the Streetcar or other Streetcars in high populated cities to help the reader understand how it is suppose to operate and maintain itself.

    2. safety issues

      Statistics and evidence would be important here. I do not see any information cited.

    3. The Atlanta Streetcar began operation in 2012 and is accessible in the Downtown Atlanta area.

      This a fact but it is not cited.

    4. MARTA now has a little competition.

      Some statistics would help bring this paragraph to life. Is the thesis on the comparison of Marta vs. the street car?

  2. Mar 2017
    1. I don’t think everybody is a hateful bigot. But I wish they would go out and meet some trans people and understand that we’re spectacular, and not a threat, and I wish politicians would leave our children alone

      Insulting people in general is just wrong and makes you worse than the people who don't understand you. It is the innocent transgenders that people are worried about. It is the ones that have already let everyone know that they are dangerous. Such as, the one I stated before who abused woman or the one who wasn't honest to her boyfriend and unfortauntely had to deal with the consequences. No one wants to think about the constant "what if" senarios and bad events happen.

      I agree that politicians and everyone else should stay out of transgenders business but at the same time transgenders need to take responsibility of their own. In addition, not everyone can be a victim; where there are victims there are predators lurking beneath them. You just have to be careful in this harsh world.

    2. Nobody feels comfortable getting naked in front of strangers—especially teenagers.

      This very important to me. This article is about trangender having the ability to asscociate themselves with female or male restrooms, lockers, showers, etc... However, what is odd is that regardless of the room they are in there are stalls to seperate them from the gender they are trying to assocaite themselves with, so what is the point? People are fight over who can use the what bathroom. Blacks didn't have a choice, if their bathroom wasn't represent then they couldn't work or go to school there....

    3. Some opponents of gay marriage—largely conservative Christians—fear being legally compelled to participate in these ceremonies, with which they disagree.

      Technicall, marriage is a ceromony the joints a man and a woman together and the vows are written as such. These are religious values and is different per religion. However, if a couple decides to marry anyone can joint them together: a father, close friend, a neighbor, etc... This is because you don't go to a church to get your marriage papers but you go to the court house before or after your wedding. A pastor, minster, or what not is just for that religions values and nothing more.

    4. beyond simple hatred.

      I do not believe that transgender are hated to the point it actually effeects them. Being hated is being enslaved for hundreds of years, ripped from your country, forced to build someone else's country, being raped, tortured, killed for fun, etc... Transgenders are simply hated by a few extreme christains. Slavery use to be a life style. Transgenders will never reach that level of hatred and that is for the good.

    5. making sure transgender people can move through the world free from violence and harassment

      Being harassed isn't a fun adventure. I, being mixed, am use to being bullied by white and black cultures for something that I can't even control. However, for transgenders, they make the choice to go through multiple procedures and take many hormones to change their body to their preference. This does cause problems in society because most don't understand why they have to go to the extremes to change their whole entire physical appearance. The same how blacks were ridicule for their skin color, except big companies enjoyed making money off of bleaching techniques and changing the appearance of black people.

      However, no matter the reason no one deserves to be harrassed at the same time flaunting something that you are not is wrong. For an example, a transgender was nearly beaten to death by her boyfriend for not telling him that she was born a he before the relationship started. She got in trouble for a false indentity and he got off for insanity and had to go into counseling because of the event. Violence is never the answer but niether is lying. Be proud with who you was and what you have become.

    6. same-sex-marriage

      This is a very interesting topic in relation to transgenders when most transgenders are gay/lesbian. For an example, a male that transformed into a female dates other men and vice versa. They have also proved that love nor sex was the cause of the same-sex-marriage campaign but a cover to have the ability to gain tax right offs.

    7. those who support them want to allow “men in women’s bathrooms” and enable other predatory behavior

      This is important because I had watched on the news where there was a woman that was born a man sent to an all womens prison and was abusing all the women that "he" or "she" came in contact with, such as in the showers and bathrooms. The transgender was taken to court on assualt charges and many people thought this could of all been prevented if the transgender was sent to a mens jail based on her birth sex.

    8. Those opposed to transgender bathroom rights are obvious bigots

      It comes a point where people who want to change social norms attack people with the social norms that they are attacking. For an example, I was asked if I would date a man that was born a female. My answer was no because one day I wanted to have children with my future husband. I was called a bigot for not being open-minded.

      I have never attacked transgender or any group for that matter but for some reason as more different groups come out, they always come out trying to force their ways onto the people who have no interest in forcing their beliefs back.

    9. Male (man) or female (woman) refer to an individual’s immutable biological sex as objectively determined by anatomy and genetics at time of birth

      The biggest issue that comes from publically defining gender is the comparison to other species. The definition of a male and female are based on two chromosomes seperated by one letter: XY and XX. However, multiple species change gender naturally because carrying a child takes time, energy, and work.

      Unfortuantely, some people don't understand why genders were made. Therefore, you have the people who does understand that gender represents who can give birth and who cannot; compared to the people who believe they were born in the wrong body and want to physically change it by multiple surgies and horomones. Now, there is a definition that has to be revised to accomadate all of humanity.

    10. Bazelon, Emily. "Making Bathrooms More 'Accommodating'." The New York Times. The New York Times, 17 Nov. 2015. Web. 24 Mar. 2017. https://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/22/magazine/making-bathrooms-more-accommodating.html?_r=0.

      "Making Bathrooms more Accomadating" is an article about how transgenders want to go in to public spaces with their identified gender. It tells how men transforming into women just want to be one of the girls. They feel more confort being in the presence of females, such as in bathrooms and locker rooms. However, females transforming into males tend to use unisex bathrooms and don't mind being away from either gender.

      Schools have allowed students to associate with whatever gender they please and even call them by preffered pronouns and names. They can use the locer rooms associated withe their genders if a curtain is provided but the big issue is public restrooms. Most females don't want a female-looking man in the bathroom with them so law keeps a born man in the men's restrooms and vice versa.However,transgendered people believe the world could be more accoumadating to their needs since they accomadate to everyone's elses needs by following the laws of what defines a male from a female.

  3. Feb 2017
    1. I also notice that they didn't bring up any information for international students with different cultural backgrounds or commuting students that didn't live on campus. I assume if they are going to write an article about the whole campus then they would at least include the whole population of the school or a group the best represents the population of every campus.

    2. educational value

      The educational value of a school is very important into determining which school is best for the student. However, this normally based on living demands and financial situations. The reason that landscape and learning space is not included because for one, most spacious and nature-bound schools are more expensive and two, if a school does have nature somewhere involved with the school, some people prefer the sound of cars over the snow on top of the mountains. Its all about preference and what motivates a student to get their degree and graduate to become the best human being they can be.

    3. miniature cities

      It reminds me of Georgia State University. It is just like a miniature city within the city of Atlanta. Georgia state even has their own police force with in Atlanta's police force. In addition, if you walk off Georgia State's campus, you will know depending if you are heading toward the rough side of town or the working class side of town. Mostly students and teachers actually walk on campus; the rest of Atlanta drives through Georgia State, like how most people drive through and unfamiliar state until they reach something more familiar.

    4. Direct attention

      Direct attention is important for any goal to be complete or task to get done. As a student, it is hard to focus on one task when separate classes have the same due dates. this also don't included the random traffic patterns for commuting students. Especially for freshmen students, that are just now learning how to wake up on there own; most freshmen are so use to their teacher telling them how to do their homework and reminding them when its due every single day, they get a wake up call their first semester.

    5. A dramatic post-war increase in student enrollment

      It is very interesting on how student enrollment increased after the second world war. However, it does make sense. Any military person that served during the war had the benefits to put their child, themselves, or even their love ones into college.

    6. The college experience is a stimulating and demanding time in a student’s life

      Some people believe that college is made to make what was once teenagers, living with their parents, into adults. College would be considered the yield sign in that equation. However, it does teach students basic ways to survive in the world without the support of their parents while obtaining a degree.

    7. Traditional campus indoor spaces, by necessity and function, provide ample opportunities for structured learning experiences that draw upon students’ direct attention.

      As much as I enjoy the outdoors, I do disagree with the theory that nature will help students do better at college. Nature is just another way to relax the mind, body, and soul. It is self-motivation, ambition that gets student through college. The graduation rate isn't based on who has the most indoor spaces but how each and every student made it to their degree.

    8. Interaction with nature, in particular, can help to maintain or restore cognitive function such as direct attention, problem solving, focus and concentration, impulse inhibition, and memory, which can become depleted from fatigue or with overuse

      I do agree that being out in nature is important to the brain because it helps relax the brain. The brain is just like a muscle so if it its overuse, it will shut down after sending many warnings such as headaches and high blood pressure.

      In my experience with nature,I have notice that when I lived in West Virginia, I didn't dwell on my problems or present/ future situations as I do now in Georgia. West Virginia is a very fresh aired, quiet state. Georgia may not be as fast paced as New York but it is as loud as New York. There isn't too many places to go to relax unless you like spa's. Even the public parks seem to be just as stressful as the malls.

      In conclusion, I haven't had any health problems while i stayed in a nature filled state as I do in a very competitive, urbanized state.

      Unknown, Phtographer. Green, green, green. Digital image. Summit Post. Summitpost.org, n.d. Web. 24 Feb. 2017. http://images.summitpost.org/original/754619.jpg.

    9. Many university founders desired to create an ideal community that was a place apart, secluded from city distraction but still open to the larger community, enabling their students and faculty to devote unlimited time and attention for classical or divinity learning, personal growth, and free intellectual inquiry (Eckert, 2012; Gumprecht, 2007; Turner, 1984).

      This would be the ideal way to get an education but as a student I know getting the perfect amount of everything listed I impossible. However, it isn't distraction that makes students fail it is self-motivation. I know a lot of bright students that make obvious wrong decisions because they prefer their social life over their education. In addition, some students are simply too lazy and don't have the mental energy to get their work done. However, "distractions" isn't an excuse for anybody. We all came to college to get the same thing and that is a degree.

    10. "How Slavery shaped America's oldest and most Elite Colleges" is an article about how a lot of the well-known colleges, such as Harvard, Yale, Brown, etc... were apart of the slave trade in some sort away. It talks about how many colleges spoke on the inferiority of various racial groups, such as blacks and native Americans. However, it also states that the people that were within the college, didn't always agree on slaver. Some people were abolitionist while others were pro slavery and fought for slavery using racial science.

      Interesting enough, they give out a medal to be awarded to the author with the best essay arguing against slavery. However, the article didn't say what role the slave had on the campuses. It just stated that it was dehumanizing to a slave.

      Staff, NPR. "How Slavery Shaped America's Oldest And Most Elite Colleges." NPR. NPR, 17 Sept. 2013. Web. 24 Feb. 2017. http://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2013/09/17/223420533/how-slavery-shaped-americas-oldest-and-most-elite-colleges.

    11. Thus, university students as a group are at a higher risk of attentional fatigue.

      "Rural vs. Urban campuses" is an article that labels and stereotypes colleges and universities into two groups;: rural and urban. It states that even though urban colleges have more opportunities and choices than a traditional/rural college; it does come with more distractions because it has less green space to actually focus and get work done. It simply states that it is easier to study without the temptation of different types of entertainment options and living options.

      Provided by Penny Cunningham, Former Dean of Admission at Bethany College, in Bethany, WV., and Provided by Dr. Jerome B. Bookin-Weiner, Director of Education Abroad at AMIDEAST (America-Mideast Educational and Training Services, Inc.). "Rural vs. Urban Campuses." Study in US. A Splindle Company Publication, n.d. Web. 24 Feb. 2017. http://www.internationalstudentguidetotheusa.com/articles/rural_vs_urban_campuses.htm.

    1. Robert Moses

      "Moses was a controversial, if not a supremely effective catalyst of change across New York’s infrastructural landscape." http://www.pbs.org/wnet/need-to-know/environment/the-legacy-of-robert-moses/16018/

      So apparently, after reading "The Legacy of Robert Moses", I've learned that Moses got a lot of things done just because he help multiple offices at once. The most offices he has held at once was twelve. That meant that building bridges that didn't allow certain modes of transportation, such as buses, were easy to do because he simply passed the idea to himself and granted himself permits to get it done. I'm sure he did it so certain races couldn't reach other parts of New York, however, there is no way that could of been legal, regardless of how influential he was in the community.

      Sarachan, Sydney. "The Legacy of Robert Moses." PBS. Public Broadcasting Service, 17 Jan. 2013. Web. 24 Feb. 2017. http://www.pbs.org/wnet/need-to-know/environment/the-legacy-of-robert-moses/16018/.

    1. Buildings and assemblages of buildings make excellent sources of informa­tion about everyday people and everyday life because they exist in great numbers and are complex enough to shed light on many aspects of human behavior, from attitudes toward the use of space to aesthetic tradi­tions and technological know-how.

      I remember watching a video on youtube talking about how some use to put cages outside their window to put their babies outside to get fresh air and sunlight. Needless to say, it was a very bad idea but it shows how humans evolved from interesting technological advances that lead to some products being revoked. However, it is important to know why certain products was produced and how it affected human behavior or aspects of the human behavior.

    2. it still requires gathering data, ordering and analyzing the data, and interpreting the data.

      They are like scientist in my opinion. Even though their data is hard to be facts besides the little physical evidence that they can find. Most scientist regardless of what they are studying are based on theory anyways. Which is why there are so many different scientist studying the same data repeatedly and reinterpreting the data in hopes to get more information.

    3. But what do we learn from the house itself?

      It kind of reminds me when paranormal investigators always go through the history of the house instead of just analyzing how creepy the house is. They see who owns it, if someone died in it, and even research the land it was built on or if it possessed other uses instead of a normal house.

    4. urban areas and suburbs American builders

      The figure reminds me of town-homes that are actually located in the same place (urban and suburban areas). However, the architecture itself, looks more English than american in our present day environment.

    5. Culture is unseen and immaterial, consisting of the ideas, values, and beliefs of a particular social group or society; but it is everywhere within us, shap­ing our behavior, helping us to choose the right things to say, providing rules for social interaction, and giving us mental blueprints for making the things we need, from bread pans to buildings.

      Most would see culture as something such as the arts. Such as music,and art (paintings, vases, other objects). Even how they decided to get food could be a type of art (bow and arrow, spear, etc..).

    6. evolving and changing

      Vernacular Architecture is evolving, just like everything else in our world. For example, normal homes will be a thing of the past and smart homes could be the social norm. Consequently, smart homes could destroy our environment in the next few hundred years and then we would move on to Eco-globes. It just depends on how much money every one is making, and the social norm for that time period. At on point in time, we had out houses and now we have two or more bathrooms in one house.

    7. , does it represent a contin nation of older ideas or the introduction of new ones? Is it unique, or are there others like it in the community? How does the arrangement of rooms compare to earlier Buffalo houses? Are there new rooms— and new functions— for the house? Are some rooms fin­ished differently than others? If so, can we deduce the entertaining or “best” rooms from those used by the family on an everyday basis? I las the house been changed through the years? Does the remodeling reflect a basic change in cultural values in the community?

      These questions are interesting but very broad in the context of analyzing different types of houses. Such as, what makes a house unique? Noqadays, we actually have smart homes that are controlled by an app on your phone. What would make that more unique than this new idea for "tiny homes"? A home that is maybe 300 square feet and you can hook up to your vehicle, like a mobile home or leave in on a plot of land, like a normal house. Two very different homes but are both very unique. These questions doesn't really outline what you should or shouldn't be looking for.

    8. Vernacular architecture studies may in this way be defined as the study o f thosehuman actions and behaviors that are manifest in commonplace architecture.

      "Placemaking on Main Street: Revitalizing Rural Communities", by Project for Public Spaces, is an article based on the problems and solutions on how to save small towns and rural communities. A few problems are that young adults are not staying in these communities, along with these communities not making enough new jobs for those who want to stay. Another is that there are limited resources within smaller communities and most don't have the ability to reach out to corporations for funding. This would make it difficult for a community to grow and have a "positive future for their kids".

      Now the solution is Place-making. Place-making is a type of approach that helps with the planning, design and management of public spaces. This not only makes the original place and infrastructure thrive, but it "creates new, quality places" to engage all members of the community. "The Project for Public Space" makes it easier for smaller communities to get funding for low cost projects to help them develop their economy.

      Cite:"Placemaking on Main Street: Revitalizing Our Rural Places." Project for Public Spaces. N.p., 12 Oct. 2016. Web. 03 Feb. 2017. https://www.pps.org/blog/rural-placemaking-and-main-street/?utm_content.

    9. Fourth, objects are essential in the study and understanding of the artfulness of a culture.

      I find this to be true because of my personal experiences living in a small town versus suburban communities. The average house is around the same size but the way the house was built is very different. Suburban communities have houses that are usually made our of stone and brick. The porch is a lot smaller and the windows are huge. In a small town, houses are more of a country style, made out of wood only. The porches are huge and the windows are small. These small differences could be because small towns enjoy being outside with the community than being inside watching the community through their big fancy windows.

    10. “possesses the dual characteristics of being both a product of social relations and a producer of social relations.”1

      Architecture definitely goes hand and hand with this quote. A building is just a product that we simply use for shelter but yet similar people work and certain types of buildings just based on career choices. Others live in similar houses just based on similar taste, income, school systems, and other unique factors. These building, in a sense, makes a social group out of a social group.