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  1. May 2019
    1. Cities such as Lubumbashi and Likasi face serious air pollution because of the thousands of trucks that travel to and from the mines throughout the day. Chronic exposure to such dusts can lead to severe lung diseases. Water is unfit for human consumption and agriculture because soil and water in the immediate vicinity of the mines are polluted by discharges of wastewater.
    1. Stannell says due to freezing, a leak occurred in the water pipeline that services the tailings facility, resulting in approximately 850 cubic meters of process water spewing from the pipeline

      cold weather can cause pipe lines the break.

    2. An investigation continues into what led to a large volume of contaminated water being leaked from the Highland Valley Copper Mine near Logan Lake.

      The Highland Valley copper mine in Canada leaked polluted water into near by lake.

    1. Codelco is a state-owned Chilean mining company and the world’s largest copper producer. Based on their annual report and USGS statistics, they produced ~10% of the world’s copper in 2015 and own 8% of global reserves. They are also a large producer of greenhouse gas emissions. Last year, Codelco produced 3,2 t CO2e/millions tmf from both indirect and direct effects, and in 2011 it consumed 12% of the total national electricity supply.

      Goddamn they should start recylcling

    2. copper mining significantly contributes to climate change.
    1. Although few in number, the multinational mining companies that are earning billion-dollar profits in Zambia have had a massive impact on its environment and people.