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  1. Nov 2017
    1. They should be lodged in dormitories, making a part of the general system of buildings

      Currently, only UVA first years are required to live in dormitories. Yet, this seems surprising to me given that the authors of the Rockfish Gap Report clearly intended for lodging to be a foundational part of the University. The UVA community seems to embrace every part of the school by decking out in orange and blue, abiding by the quirky, traditional lingo, etc. However, with each fall semester comes the infamous race of the first year class to secure an apartment and roommates off grounds before they've even had a chance to adjust to college. Though on-grounds housing is offered, I wonder why UVA doesn't make more of an effort to harmonize its lodging with the rest of the school spirit; to make living on-grounds as cherished as the Good Old Song or calling a sophomore a "second year." This would seem to make lodging a central part of the University's wholesome approach to education as the author's initially intended.