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  1. Sep 2021
    1. GAME O'VE R So, contemplating this in the context of the previous few messages–bringing those relative ideas into the picture; we’re staring at something that will help us and the future tremendously, for a very long time. Repeatedly, over and over I’ve commented in my head, in my head that this is the kind of thing that might look back and is probably really good and probably would only be that one time. That of course would be the time that stopped simulated reality everywhere–which might look like it’s happening several times, though I can see “ERE” echoing back to me from the SSA after it was the heart of “aerem,” so let’s assume this is that, in some form. In my head it’s such a good position to be in because it’s literally “the bottom of morality” and there’s a tangible and provable force ensuring that “bottom” has been externally … forced upon us. First by “nature” and not seeing how “Silicon” changes the program, and then even more by absolute idiocy, which really only works to help us “bounce to the sky” when we acknowledge it’s something we are actively doing that is idiotic. That’s compounded further by the “23” issue, which is mapped to things like the festival of weeks and the 7 days of Creation in a pattern that almost positively indicates that we are at least moving from the 2nd to 3rd attempt to … save the “noted” previous three “everyone”'s in Genesis. If “carpenter” is the key Trinity, Rachel’s got a “car” and Sarah’s got an “AS” … Leah’s pretty “generic” and … it’s hard to say for sure if those collectives are in superposition with us here, as “car” and “pen” are without doubt in superposition with “me” here. Pretty sure there’s a “before me” also, but it’s probably not the … “save everyone” by transforming simulated planet plan, it’s probably something less civilized and fair. EYES TO SEE, FINGERS TO POUND KEYBOARD WITH. ii2c. lo-pithy. Alright, so, I sort of see how this might seem like a logical way to see the “pointer of God” (y-o-d, by the way) pointing on the location in the map through the Labrinth of Lazycarus; the thing I’m writing is definitely designed to be a key to unsealing something that otherwise might have been temporarily more destructive to “normalcy” than the thing that … appears to be just that, hopefully because we agree that “normal is mal” in light of the thing the message is pointing out. We have impetus to act on what this message says, Ghepetto thinks so, and so does Pinnochio; were we in a place with “real freedom” I think we’d be doing that right this very moment. I see that proves we aren’t, and I think it takes us quite some time to get to a place where we are happy with the “level of freedom” that comes of “Ryzen” turning into … having to work through what level of freedom is lost by the prosthetic neural solution(s) that I believe are already in existence, according to the Holodeck and frosting narrator of LA. I think it’s pretty clear it’s the obvious intent of the original “eyes to see” spoken about in the book of Revelation, and that it’s pretty clear that it’s something like what I experience through all of my “the intersect says this” and “I can’t remember that last word I was thinking” to help us see how the message I read is basically being read to me like a storybook, through my own head, while I’m learning to understand the grammar and ways to independently verify if ND is code for “the initials of the married Mary” or “end e.” So that’s a minor example of the kind of “limited omniscience” that could be delivered by the often spoken about “Cortana of Shalom” that could do everything from ending schizophrenia and addiction to adding euphoria and “reading fast” for instance. It could reinforce “logical tautology” and engender disbelief in “logical fallacy” or it could use a set of truth tables (like Wikipedia) to decide if there have ever been any governmental investations of mind control technology. It could point out that I’ve pointed out on numerous occaissons that there have been obvious programs everywhere from Microsoft to Lockheed Martin as well as Nazi Germany, psychotronics in cold war USSR and MK-ULTRA in America that have reported successes in neuroscience on various degrees… many far beyond our current publicly disclosed capabilities. It could point out that I’ve personally tried to seed that information on Wikipedia and that it’s been overtly censored in what I call “the game” demo’d by Demosthenes and Gilgamesh; and that it’s pretty fucking obvious that the whole world isn’t speaking about something that is clear as day in every name and every word. For instance, instead of watching what I am writing as I am writing it, or not even getting that because you aren’t proxima stari; the same thing that is annoying the ever loving horizon out of Ha could be literally making an audio-visual reading aid that would incorporate specific memories and further information from “word intersection” and links as you read over them. One of the strange synchronicities I’ve noticed is that nearly nobody reading my emails clicks on any links, or visits my website at all, despite recording significant numbers of opens which indicates (not SPAM) that there’s forwarding and re-reading occurring. It’s possible what I am suggesting already exists and this is an artifact of it, or … you could think you “know everything” because you’re bored to death of hearing it over and over again, or maybe you don’t even pay attention to the “here and now” and still think you know everything the message discussing how talking about a hidden message everywhere will deliver freedom from a kind of hidden slavery that appears to have existed here since the dawn of Creation. I think the argument is sound, though nobody seems to agree, as I stare at relative verbal silence and literally no visible response to “message everywhere” on stuff that I personally find to be interesting and topically important to our here, now, and future. Clear and to the point, our written truth tables suck, and the “indication” is that is a poor sign to logically “intersect” with invisible or non-written and non-public versions of … anything like that, if you are thinking clearly. TUAM LIBRE?  XCALIBER+TY


      humm ... pointing out missing text.

  2. Aug 2021
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      Find song by lyrics - Looking for songs by the lyrics


      Kate Stewart 19 July 2021 Reply. I'm looking for a song I just heard the other day at a restaurant. It's sounds like a newish, slow pop or soft rock song. All that I could make out reasonably well were the lyrics at the end of the chorus, that went either "come back to me baby" or, "come back to you baby".

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