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  1. May 2016
    1. A bibliography of sources used when writing the fictionalized bio graphies and diaries is often provided. Children could check the sources to determine if the author has included real letters, dialogue, or opinions

      Real letters and dialogue make the writing become real and it may help the readers to connect to the situation in which they are reading about. By showing these inside of fictionalized biographies, it helps students see the difference in the texts.

    2. Accuracy and authenticity are of prime concern even if the presenta tion is fictiona

      It is necessary that all students can tell the differences between fiction and the actual time in history when something happened. This is something that some students may struggle with, but it is important as becoming a teacher to make sure you don't leave students behind.

    3. Students can judge whether the author provided a true-to-life char acterization of a historical individua

      This is true and it is a good way for students to truly see the difference between real life and not. When students can read historical information that is real, some of the time it is hard to believe just because of how bad things really were.

    4. As children grow, reading outside structured reading classes becomes increasingly importan

      Reading outside the classroom is very important in child development. It helps children develop even when they are not inside the classroom. It helps students increase their reading skills as well as their vocab knowledge.