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  1. May 2017
    1. gjmveloso commented on Oct 20, 2016 Hi @rosshinkley, Thanks for your response. XPath is the only available option to select elements by the inner text, for instance. It's widely used on Selenium space, for example. Thanks, Gustavo

      I agree that not being able to use XPath selectors along side of CSS selectors is a big limitation for nightmare.js.

    1. sbacic commented on Mar 24 To add to my original post - I've gone over the tests and found this little gem: https://github.com/segmentio/nightmare/blob/master/test/index.js#L341 Apparently, wait can be made more reliable by adding a longer softTimeout value (I've been using 1000ms) as the second argument, eg: wait('a', 1000). Not sure why this isn't mentioned in the documentation. 👍 5 Pick your reaction 👍 👎 😄 🎉 😕 ❤️

      use of softTimeout value in wait very useful for nightmare.js