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  1. Jun 2020
    1. Free and Open

      But it's not free and open (as defined by e.g. open source definition or free software definition). It's restricted.

      Quite understand the basic motivation ... and ... misusing terms is misleading.

  2. Feb 2014
    1. To be free means to be open to commercial appropriation, since freedom is defined as the nonrestrictive circulation of information rather than as freedom from exploitation.

      but is it exploitation?

    2. Other content providers and book publishers (Verso, for example) have expanded this restriction by claiming that copying, modifying and redistributing should not only be non-profit but also in the spirit of the original - without explaining what this “spirit” means.

      would love to see ref to example

    3. Romanticism was born as a contradictory response to these developments. It was an opposition to capitalism, but one expressed through the language of private property and the assumptions inherited from the philosophical discourse that legitimated capitalism’s mode of production. Romanticism denounced the alienation and loss of independence spawned by industrial production and market relations, and portrayed the artist in heroic opposition to the drive for profit.

      reminds of "NC" contradiction