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  1. Apr 2022
    1. Jam

    2. a family recipe

      I shared a few on #ds106radio and now there is even a show where Lauren, Joe, Tim and I cook along DJing!

    3. Any questions?

      Am I too clever here to be using annotation (the red marks) in my images?

      It's a common act to add meaning to not only text, but images, audio, and video media forms. Where have you seen annotation outside of text and also outside of digital spaces?

    4. The UNESCO Recommendation on Open Educational Resources

      Who here has read the entire Recommendation?

    5. Are you ready to annotate?

      Hello friends, colleagues, and all others that I hope become part of the first two categories. I am Alan Levine, coming to you from central Canada. Welcome to my unorthodox workshop. I am so web old I can remember annotations in the first Mosaic browser.

      Please reply with your own introduction, and share your experience, interest in web annotation.

      Do not forget to tag all responses oer22 in this workshop !

    6. web annotation available in this page

      If you are looking at this, then you are (a) the type of person who is curious enough to click; or (b) you already are wise to the power of Hypothes.is

      Are you ready to Jam at OER22?