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  1. Oct 2019
    1. Quick statisticsSurvey 415354 'OERu new participant survey'Summary for AgeHow old are you?AnswerCountPercentage(A1)112.02%18 - 24 years old (A2)104

      commonly OER participants are higher education students

    2. Quick statisticsSurvey 415354 'OERu new participant survey'ResultsSurvey 415354Number of records in this query:545Total records in survey:545Percentage of total:100.0

      lovely stats

    3. Surprising that the majority of respondents already have a degree or higher.

    4. amicrocredential

      Should we clarify that this will/might require payment?

    5. 39.45%

      An interesting statistic - 40% of OERu learners have not participated in an online course before.

    6. 26.97%

      High percentage of OERu learners are unemployed (27%)

    7. 19.82%

      Strong representation of learners from Sub-Saharan Africa

    8. How old are you?

      Majority of OERu learners to date are mature adults. 80% are 25 years or older.