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  1. Dec 2020
    1. I’m not always connected to a stable internet connection

      The centralized nature of today's systems is a problem for several reasons - Some are technical, but this applies socially and economically as well. This mindset of centralization is arguably a cultural afterimage from the advent of computing, with little incentive on the part of business to change.

      In each of these senses (technical, social, economic) many of the computational abstractions we use today to simplify individual progress actually hold us back in aggregate.

      In my view, there exist eery parallels between the technical foibles of centralization (CAP, etc), and the subtle manner of economic and behavioral coercion which come along for the ride. I do not believe there is a magic bullet to be found per se – but rather that it is possible to decentralize well, both from a technical perspective, and in terms of business as a function of value-addition rather than coercion.