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  1. Apr 2021
    1. It's the king of game that made you wonder how it got approved. $5 for this could almost be called "stealing". I bought it for $1, and it feel way too much for this.
    1. Once more we see greedy mobile devs trying to scam PC gamers. On Steam, this is an insane $15 USD, on app stores, it's free. Mobile devs must learn PC gamers are not here to be gouged, and can't be expected to pay a premium for a free mobile app just because it's been lazily dumped on Steam. This is unacceptable disrespect for PC gamers.
  2. Mar 2021
    1. Good bit of content, but very little of it. 10€ for leviathans is a salty price for what it offers, if this was part of the Utopia DLC it's asking price of 20€ would have been easier to justify. Worth getting just to have more content in the game but paradox is really stretching by asking money for this little. Could/should have been a free update really.