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  1. Jul 2017
    1. dictionaries and hierarchies

      T11 I am assuming dictionaries are Compendex and Reaxys Index terms. Are there others, and what do we mean by hierarchies. Taxonomies?

    2. Let’s now go back to the initial list of options(Fig.2.2

      What is the shortcut for doing this. I can't find a breadcrumb or trail, and the back arrow does not go there. I can click Quick search, and redo the search, but there must be a better way.

    3. AND –although terms entered without any operator are interpreted as AND

      How close do the words need to be? I assume in the same document, or "record", if this is done in substance or reaction records.

    4. Summary

      I am thinking that this document should be covered first, before the structure search document. At least some aspects of this would have been useful to have covered prior to the first document (File 5)

    5. nd/orprepositions

      I am not sure what you mean by this. In the next statement you say OR, but here you say "and/or".

    6. may

      are we editing this for "American" English? I would think "can" instead of "may" is better

    7. eaxys uses severalhundred algorithms to interpret the queryand directly gives answers that may be in Document, Substanceand/or ReactionRecords

      Is there a place where further documentation on this can be found. I have Thibault's article from the ACS symposium series book, and will look this up there.