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  1. Apr 2015
    1. San Francisco's population density is 1,400 people per square kilometer. There are many beautiful, beloved cities throughout the world that manage to accommodate far greater density numbers

      So neat to see Barcelona on this list having just returned from spending a few days there in January. As I was walking through the streets there I was thinking to myself, "Wow, wouldn't it be amazing if San Francisco could have multi-story apartment buildings block after block like this. This feels like a real city!"

  2. Mar 2015
    1. Goldmacher believes that building more market-rate housing will not improve affordability. He supports having rent control in Berkeley, 50 percent affordable housing requirements in all new projects, up from the city's current 10 percent affordable requirement, and stronger environmental reviews.

      I wonder where Goldmacher thinks the funding for the 50% affordable construction will come from if not the other 50% being market-rate. Perhaps he would like to volunteer his tax dollars at a higher rate? Maybe he has some secret way of increasing state or federal funding for affordable housing?

    2. "I think this is a front group" for developers, said Donald Goldmacher, an independent filmmaker and member of Save Shattuck Cinemas, which opposes the 2211 Harold Way project. "It's pro-development. It's not pro-tenant."

      Strange that people think pro-development is inherently not pro-tenant. Where does this message originate? What confusion of alignments happened to create this environment?

    1. The San Francisco Bay Area Renters Federation, a group of activists who believe more market-rate housing will alleviate high rents,

      Not "more market-rate"; more everything.