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    1. ma committed 841326d 1 hour ago … Some checks were not successful 37 successful and 3 failing checks Angular / ngx-default (push) Details Generator / npm test (12.16.1, ubuntu-latest) (push) Details React / react-default (push) Details Release Drafter / update_release_draft (push) Details Validate Gradle Wrapper / Validation (push) Details Webflux / webflux-mongodb (push) Details Angular / ngx-psql-es-noi18n-mapsid (push) Details React / react-maven-psql-es-noi18n-mapsid (push) Details Webflux / webflux-mongodb-es-session (push) Details Webflux / webflux-mongodb-oauth2 (push) — webflux-mongodb-oauth2 Details Angular / ngx-mariadb-oauth2-infinispan (push) Details React / react-maven-h2mem-memcached (push) Details Angular / ngx-mongodb-kafka-cucumber (push) Details React / react-maven-cassandra-session-redis (push) Details Webflux / webflux-gateway-jwt (push) Details Webflux / webflux-gateway-oauth2 (push) — webflux-gateway-oauth2 Details Angular / ngx-h2mem-ws-nol2 (push) Details React / react-maven-couchbase-caffeine (push) Details Angular / ngx-gradle-fr (push) Details React / react-gradle-psql-es-noi18n-mapsid (push) Details Webflux / webflux-couchbase (push) Details Webflux / webflux-couchbase-es-oauth2 (push) — webflux-couchbase-es-oauth2 Details Angular / ngx-gradle-psql-es-noi18n-mapsid (push) Details React / react-gradle-h2mem-memcached (push) Details Angular / ngx-gradle-mariadb-oauth2-infinispan (push) Details React / react-gradle-cassandra-session-redis (push) Details Webflux / webflux-psql (push) Details Angular / ngx-gradle-mongodb-kafka-cucumber (push) Details React / react-gradle-couchbase-caffeine (push) Details Angular / ngx-gradle-yarn-h2disk-ws-nocache (push) Details ci/dockercloud — Your image was successfully built in Docker Hub Details jhipster.generator-jhipster — Build #20200626.6 succeeded Details jhipster.generator-jhipster (Test jdl-default) — Test jdl-default succeeded Details jhipster.generator-jhipster (Test ms-micro-eureka-infinispan) — Test ms-micro-eureka-infinispan succeeded Details jhipster.generator-jhipster (Test ms-micro-eureka-jwt) — Test ms-micro-eureka-jwt succeeded Details jhipster.generator-jhipster (Test ms-ngx-gateway-eureka-jwt) — Test ms-ngx-gateway-eureka-jwt succeeded Details jhipster.generator-jhipster (Test ms-ngx-gateway-eureka-oauth2) — Test ms-ngx-gateway-eureka-oauth2 succeeded Details jhipster.generator-jhipster (Test ms-ngx-gateway-eureka-uaa) — Test ms-ngx-gateway-eureka-uaa succeeded Details jhipster.generator-jhipster (Test ms-react-gateway-consul-jwt) — Test ms-react-gateway-consul-jwt succeeded Details jhipster.generator-jhipster (Test ms-react-gateway-consul-oauth2) — Test ms-react-gateway-consul-oauth2 succeeded Details Merge pull request #11983 from mshima/i18n_variant Add support to i18n variant
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    1. revious research on word embeddings hasshown that sparse representations, which canbe either learned on top of existing denseembeddings or obtained through model con-straints during training time,
  5. Dec 2019
    1. cludes real world examples of how governmental bodies around the world have leveraged IEEE standards, including in Canada, Denmark, the European Union, India and the United States. The IEEE SA invites policymak
    2. for government. They are global in nature and developed in an inclusive and transparent manner, leveraging the expertise of the global IEEE community from more than 1
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