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  1. Feb 2016
    1. Each story or video should end with a "call to action" pointing people to this list that I maintain, or to similar program directories maintained by others.

      Yes, a call to action. Always be 'selling', always be sharing, always be helping.

    2. While some students will begin to write stories, others need to begin to build directories showing what tutor/mentor programs operate in the area they focus on.  Others will begin to build web libraries, pointing to resources programs and students can learn from.  Others will begin to track activity and create maps like the one above, that show who is doing this work, and connect them with each other.

      Many hands with many eyes and many perspectives, stances, and capacities--that is an open way of looking at volunteers. And those capacities need building. That is part of the psychic pay of being a volunteer--growing within a context that helps you.

    3. I created this concept map to illustrate this vision


    4. This is all part of a 4-part strategy created since 1994.

      Dan talked about this in our Hangout. Simple, direct, tattoo it on you forearm, but not easy.