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  1. Apr 2021
    1. This is an unfinished/abandoned 2D "diving" game (basically a flyer/"platformer") where you swim through an underwater maze and collect various objects. The game wasn't finished, it's clunky, and lacks polish. The developer dumped it on Steam as a quick cash grab and ran. This should be removed from Steam until completed (if ever). I can't recommend incomplete games,
  2. Feb 2021
    1. For now I feel ActiveForm is still a bit early to transition to a gem  as there are still things to improve and work out. One day I'll invest more time into making it extendable and release it as a gem. For now I feel it's an unnecessary complexity.

      If he's like most of us, though, this means it will never happen...

  3. Dec 2020
    1. We usually only see people launching projects once they're already done. I'm sure there are countless more unfinished and unlaunched side projects that the world will never know about. Don't let your side project become one of them.
  4. Sep 2020