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  1. Mar 2016
    1. The increase in diet quality was resulting from the decrease in sugar intake and an increase in fruits and vegetables.

    2. Those who had a 5% or greater weight loss were the ones who took in less fat.

    3. Nutrition is a major concern with diet plans. Many of them look at completely cutting a food group, less calories, or no fat.

    4. The total of fruit, milk, meat and beans increased, while grains and carbs decreased in the program.

    5. The 16 week program resulted in a drastic change in healthy eating.

    6. Weight loss is good, but the diet quality and the factors within the diet are what is the most important.

    7. 2/3 of adult Americans are overweight or obese.

    8. Women are put in a 16 week diet program and the results are that all of them had a significant weight loss, but lacked some major nutrients.

    1. If you calculate your protein intake and determine that you’re notgetting enough for your athletic needs (some signs of too-low protein intake: you’re unusually fatigued, feel weak when lifting weights or doing other strenuous activity, or are recovering from injuries slowly) how can you best use protein powders to help you improve your performance?

      Important for athletes and other things related to fitness. However there is a certain amount you are only supposed to have throughout the day.

    2. People who are vegan may prefer soy protein, although Horvath notes that its taste is sometimes considered to be more unpleasant, and it doesn’t dissolve as well in water.

      The most popular supplement, protein powder, is useful for many other reason besides building muscles. People who don't eat meat use these powders to get the proteins they need throughout the day.

    1. This article discussed the difference between plant foods and a meal replacement diet. I will use this in attempts to show all the various diets my narrator has tried, but not succeeded with.

    2. Although weight loss was significant, the energy level did not change.

    3. All subjects showed a decrease in all those blocking their blood flow and causing them to be intolerable to insulin.

    4. The results of the study showed significant weight loss for all the subjects, but only a few hit the mark that they predicted.

    5. Taking on a very low caloric diet can result in weight loss, but also a lot of unfavorable additives , as well.

    6. Obesity is reaching new high numbers, which is taking a toll on the quality of life and health.

    1. Don't wait for people to come and see you – travel to visit them

      This article ends by saying that the best way to stay positive is to keep up with activities. Get out a visit people instead of waiting for them. Sitting and waiting for people will leave a person alone more. Keeping connections as strong as possible and never losing the positive attitude.

    2. older people tend not to ask for help because they have too much pride.

      I understand this idea and can cause serious issues because of it. When older people don;t want to ask for help they are left alone to deal with issues. With no one around for social interactions loneliness can easily become depression. Depression can bring down a persons physical and mental well being.

    3. People can become socially isolated for a variety of reasons, such as getting older or weaker, no longer being the hub of their family, leaving the workplace, the deaths of spouses and friends, or through disability or illness.

      This is a good quote and explains almost all the points that i bring up in my paper. I would like to use this just to show the affects of being alone for older adults.

    4. According to Age UK, more than 2 million people in England over the age of 75 live alone,

      This quote is a god example of how many older adults live by themselves with out much social interactions.

    1. "Twenty years ago, many of the patients I saw with anorexia were vegetarians," she said. "Now, they also talk about eating exclusively organic food or say that they are lactose intolerant and allergic to gluten, when their blood tests show that they are not. These explanations are convenient ways to hide their fear of eating high-calorie foods or foods prepared by others which provokes anxiety."

      Odd how people are making up excuses (allergy wise) so they do not have to eat certain foods. Or, the food makes them feel so anxious that they think they have allergy like symptoms

    2. Orthorexia, as Bratman defines it, is a disorder distinct from anorexia or bulimia. It's not the diet that's the problem - it's the obsession that accompanies it.

      Great way to sum it up for athletes too. They are eating a so called 'balanced diet', but they are taking it so seriously that it potentially could make them mentally ill

    3. It's a perfect explanation for the fixation on "clean eating" that exists off-line but can be exacerbated by the food blogs, the anxiety around health that exists just outside the frames of carefully crafted Instagram shots of well-composed plates.

      Great-easy to understand- explanation as to what orthorexia is. Shows how it can be considered 'controversial' when labeling it as an eating disorder

    1. When an obese person loses a large amount of weight, they will experience binge eating due to the fact that they cut their usually large portions.

    2. The majority of people who lose a large amount of weight regain it.

    1. This article was an experiment on how different variety of meal sizes and amounts throughout the day. Results showed that to burn more fat, it is recommended to eat more meals than if you are just trying to lose mass. I will use this to show the type of diet my narrator will be on.

    2. Eating more frequent meals has also been a factor in helping build and tone muscles.

    3. Since 1-2 meals a day changes your body mass tremendously, it is also resulted that 1-2 meals a day will change your body fat percentage. This is because you are dropping the mass, so the percentage will automatically go down, even in the slightest.

    4. For those looking to lose body mass, not containing fat, it is proven that 1-2 meals a day will help guide that.

    5. As another graph showed, the most substantial difference in fat mass is when 5 or more meals were eaten in a day, compared to 1-2 meal or 3-4 meals.

    6. A graph shows that have 5 or more meals a day is the key to weight loss.

    7. Studies showed that smaller portions were not a substantial key to change in body mass, but a very large factor in fat mass.

    8. High protein foods frequent throughout the day are very beneficial to fat burning and energy preserving.

    9. Eating smaller portions more frequently is the key to successful weight loss and weight maintenance.

    1. What should happen to students at college? They should become more thoughtful and interesting people.

      but more than 60% of students choose their majors just on the amount of money that they will earn in a job and refuse to try to explore other classes like college was originally made for.

    2. For students who want to spend four years in an atmosphere of pure learning, this is the place.

      to get to a place where its just about academics you now need to go to certain colleges instead of every college being this way, most colleges have turned to profit instead.

    3. Tuition charges at both public and private colleges have more than doubled—in real dollars—compared with a generation ago.

      good quote supporting the fact that going to college was very different for our parents, teachers, etc.

    4. Graduating with six figures' worth of debt is becoming increasingly common.

      good quote for impact on reader

    5. have lost track of their basic mission to challenge the minds of young people.

      could use in transition from premise to argument.

    1. This article was very helpful in the aspect of giving a variety of concepts for healthy weight, maintaining it, and how it could be betrayed. I will use this for many resources throughout my creative writing research paper.

    1. Women need iron during pregnancy, and breastfed infants need vitamin D. Folic acid—400 micrograms daily, whether from supplements or fortified food—is important for all women of childbearing age.

      Certain conditions call for taking supplements because there may be a shortage of a certain nutrient.

    2. “Don’t take supplements with that expectation.”

      This goes a long with the idea of the motivation people have to take supplements in the first place.

    1. 74% say their college education was very useful in helping them grow intellectually

      so one out of four students believe their college education was not useful in helping them grow intellectually. If those students were told that there are ways other than college to get knowledge they could of saved thousands of dollars.

    2. Just under half of the public (47%) says the main purpose of a college education is to teach work-related skills and knowledge, while 39% say it is to help a student grow personally and intellectually

      COULD USE FOR INTRODUCTION the public is basically split in half on whether college is for learning or preparing you for a job

    3. Nearly every parent surveyed (94%) says they expect their child to attend college

      this shows the importance that is put on students to go to college and no other way to get their knowledge.

    4. had an impact on their career choices (24%)

      reword as **almost one every five college students has stated that the amount of student loan they will have has "had an impact on their career choices".

    5. Adults who graduated from a four-year college believe that, on average, they are earning $20,000 more a year as a result of having gotten that degree. Adults who did not attend college believe that, on average, they are earning $20,000 a year less as a result. These matched estimates by the public are very close to the median gap in annual earnings between a high school and college graduate as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2010: $19,550.

      against my argument. The important of this information depends on what a person wants to get out of a job; just a higher paying money or something more than a thoughtless job

    6. A majority of Americans (57%) say the higher education system in the United States fails to provide students with good value for the money they and their families spend. An even larger majority—75%—says college is too expensive for most Americans to afford. At the same time, however, an overwhelming majority of college graduates—86%—say that college has been a good investment for them personally.

      Even though the majority of individuals believe that the higher education system fails to provide students with good value for the money they spend and that college i to expensive to begin with, a higher majority believe that college was a good investment for their moeny

    1. filtered the results to include only people who work in tech.

      still the same answer also

    2. filtered the results to include responses only from people working in the finance industry

      still had the same answers

    3. discuss the results of the tests (basically explain these charts in words)

    4. Respondents ranked "network" second, "brand value" third, "workplace skills" fourth, and "social experience" fifth.

      other options given to rank 1-5

    5. everyone agreed that academics, not brand value or network

      people agreed that everyone gets something different out of college but the most important ting you COULD get out of it is the actual academics.

    6. "What is the most valuable asset college provides?"

      This question was asked to 1,500 professionals with hiring experience.

    1. People with bulimia worry excessively about their weight, body shape, and self-image. They eat uncontrollably (binge) on high-calorie foods, such as ice cream or chocolate, and report a loss of control over eating. After binge-eating, they use methods to avoid weight gain, such as self-induced vomiting, using laxatives, and excessive exercising. A person affected by bulimia is usually of average weight, and binge-eating and purging by vomiting and using laxatives are carried out secretly. He or she may have had anorexia nervosa in the past or may alternate between anorexia nervosa and bulimia. The disorder is more common in women and usually develops between the ages of 18 and 30. The person may have poor self-control and low self-esteem and may also indulge in substance abuse. Bouts of bulimia may be triggered by stress.

      Sums up what bulimia is, and how binge eating falls into it as well. Discusses what the reasons of eating like such are, and what age group volunteers in this style of eating.

    1. Eating disorders involve serious disturbances in eating behavior, usually in the form of extreme and unhealthy reduction of food intake or severe overeating. They are not due to a failure of will; rather, they are real and treatable medical illnesses in which certain patterns of behavior get out of control. The main types are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder. These disorders usually develop in adolescence or early adulthood and often occur with other illnesses such as depression, substance abuse, and anxiety disorders. They are much more common among females; only about 5% to 15% of anorexia or bulimia patients and 35% of binge eaters are male. If not treated, eating disorders can lead serious complications, including heart conditions and kidney failure, which may lead to death.

      Quickly sums up what an eating disorder really has. Straight to the point without bias opinions

    1. "Little thought is given to these consumers’ potential biases in using information. For example, an early cost-benefit framework by Mazis et al. (1981) views consumers in an 204 THE JOURNAL OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS aggregate sense and highlights the positive effects of enhanced information flow for consumers at large. The framework does not incorporate how consumers use information or the unintended effects that may result due to their motivations" The information given on the labels of the products does not really process through consumers minds when they all have different motivations of using the product. they tend to look at only the positives or the ONE thing they want it for.

    2. " The regulation created an incentive for marketers to make relatively nonspecific structure–function1 claims rather than more explicit health claims because structure–function claims did not require documentation of safety or proof of efficacy." More on the regulation of supplements. The wrong classification is giving marketers more room for error in their products pretty much.

    1. Young Lives on Hold, about 65,000 undocumented students graduate from U.S. high schools every year. When they aspire to go to college along with their peers, their undocumented status becomes a major hindrance.

      the students see no difference as to their dream schools unfortunately everyone else wants to limit them.

    2. many undocumented students are really just victims of circumstances beyond their control.

      as underage the students had to follow their parents when they migrated.

    3. According to the National Immigration Law Center, undocumented students are defined as foreign nationals who entered the U.S.: Without inspection With fraudulent documents Legally as nonimmigrants, who then violated the terms of their status by letting their Visas expire

      people cannot be humanist about the subject, they see nothing beyond immigrant.

    1. In addition, with the increase in the number of households where both parents work and in the number of single-parent households, programs such as Head Start have been established to care for preschool children

      Preschool was created basically as a daycare. Required school is daycare for students that do not care about their classes because they have to be there "learning" even though no learning is actually taking place for such students.

    2. Compulsory attendance at school has been legislated in all states

      All kids in the US are required by law to be in school no matter what their life situation is.

    1. Some children thrive on pressure, others wilt and withdraw.

      Once again, everyone is different, yet get treated the same

    2. or facing separation from one or both parents or certain friends.

      When students are missing someone or something, it is much harder to focus. School is analogous to jail in the sense that there is a lack of freedom and will. If school were an option, students could CHOOSE their education, it would be valued much more by them.

    3. Teachers and principals often represent authority and generate the stress that goes with reacting to authority figures.

      Another point that teachers should not be teaching from a pedestal

    4. Some children are bothered much more than others by what appear to be the same stressors

      Everyone is different and therefore experiences things differently, so the cookie cutter methods schools use in teaching is not effective for all students.

    5. nonspecific response of the human body to a demand

      School is filled with constant demand for homework, presence, and time

    1. So, how much does Michael Phelps eat? A mere 8,000 to 10,000 calories a day, when he`s training. PHELPS: Like, how much I work out, you know, I have to always just constantly shovel food in because I can lose anywhere from, you know, five to ten pounds in a week. COOPER: In one week? PHELPS: In a week. COOPER: What are you at right now? PHELPS: Probably 205. COOPER: Is that the heaviest you`ve been? PHELPS: Yep. Like, I`ve never been over 200 pounds. COOPER: Yes, you really look like you`ve let yourself go.

      Awesome example showing how Olympian Michael Phelps eats so much for training, yet also loses 5-10 pounds a week!

    1. We don't expect students to take every AP or IB course available. We do expect students to have made thoughtful choices that exemplify full preparation for college. Rigorous course work without performance in that course work is not what we're after and will not be fruitful."

      Students should be mindful of whats expected of them rather than forcing themselves to take classes they expect would look exceptional. I can use this quote as an example that students taking the course without having the heart behind taking it will not benefit from the course.

    2. many students feel one of the major flaws in the AP system is that every class is geared toward a standardized test. The result is that comprehensive learning is sacrificed for the sake of test preparation, with teachers spending the most time on topics likely to appear on the AP exam.

      AP courses are geared towards the AP exam, basically, teachers are teaching the content of what would be on the exam. Therefore AP courses are more test preparation than an actual learning environment. I can use this quote to demonstrate how AP courses are more geared towards earning college credit rather than preparing students for college courses.

    3. Some highly selective colleges and universities want to see at least two or three AP courses on a student's transcript per year, while other institutions say two or three for an entire high school career may be fine. In context, many teens are feeling the pressure to take AP courses. For Elk Grove junior Jena Bartodziej, the pressure to take AP classes isn't just coming from the desire to get into college, but from her peers as well.

      Students are pressure to take AP courses because of the desirability it brings from colleges and from peers also taking part in AP. Every college is selective in the standards of the amount of courses to take. I can use this quote to demonstrate that the variety of colleges and their selectivity should urge students to take the course they believe they can handle. ultimately the students decision on whether they want to take certain classes.

    4. According to the report, which analyzed exam data from 2001- 2011, 109 percent more students are leaving high school having taken an AP exam than in 2001, and nearly 95 percent more students are scoring a 3 or higher on the exams than in 2001. In Illinois, 18.5 percent of graduating seniors at public high schools scored a 3 or higher on their AP exams in 2011--an increase of 7.5 percent over 2001--and just slightly above the national average of 18.1 percent.

      An increase in the amount of students taking AP courses with an increase in passing scores. I can use this quote to demonstrate that increasing participation is also increasing passing scores. This is essential for furthering education since more students are taking rigorous course work and earning college credit.

    5. With the cutthroat competitiveness of college admissions these days, teens are pulling out all the stops, including taking excessive amounts of Advanced Placement (AP) classes to ensure their acceptance to dream schools.

      The competitive market to get into college advocates students to take more rigorous classes such as AP classes. I can use this quote to demonstrate that AP courses show colleges that students are well prepared and more desirable the more AP courses they take.

    1. Find ways to stay young at heart, stimulated, busy—and out of the house. Schedule regular visits with grandkids or volunteer at a school or children's organization to enjoy time with little ones and absor

      This article gives ways for older adults to stay motivated. All these examples giving could be good to include in my paper.

    2. pecific health benefits of social interaction in older adults include: Potentially reduced risk for cardiovascular probl

      Overall staying in contact with others keeps people motivated to keep moving and looking forward to more in their lives. This keeps them from staying isolated and feeling lonely in their life. I can use this to say that older people in nursing homes need more ways to interact with others and make more relationships with people.

    3. Staying socially active and maintaining interpersonal relationships can help you maintain good physical and emotional health and cognitive function

      This is a good quote to add to my paper just as a basic sentence to explain in short what social relationships can bring to people.

    1. Let's Empower Women by Empowering Men

      I plan to use this source in order to showcase the need for further resources to allow men to express themselves and let go of their need for dominance.

    2. In coming up with a typology, we see how acute the needs are in supporting men. For example, how many hotlines are out there to support the men that need help? There is much work to do.

      Men are given many more resources and made to feel much more comfortable than men are. This needs to change if women want equal rights and men want their voices heard.

    3. Most gender initiatives continue to focus on women. This is understandable. But as we argue, we need interventions targeting and supporting men for change.

      Men should not be left out of the gender equality conversation. Both sexes must combat pressures from society, and while women face more severe discrimination, men are also treated unjustly. Men must be invited to join the feminist movement, as women will be able to prevail once men surrender their constant dominance.

    4. This is not an easy thing. Men are critically judged and assessed - by themselves, by their peers, by their elders and by most women themselves - based on the dominant ideals of manhood.

      Attractive men are portrayed as strong, dominant, macho figures with the ability to take control. They are constantly pressured by those around them to suppress their feelings and emulate a tough exterior.

    5. We must also empower men. Of course, not in the conventional sense by giving men more power over women. Rather, by empowering men to challenge prevailing norms and change their behaviors.

      If men are given the resources to express themselves rather than being forced to conform to society's unrealistic expectations, they would not continue to exert dominance over the female population.

    1. Male Aggression

      I plan to use this source in order to address the opposition's opinion that men and women are inherently different by nature, with men being predisposed to aggressive behavior.

    2. The social environment only cultivates and points out these predispositions towards fighting and aggression.

      While some may argue that men are genetically wired to be more aggressive, it can be more accurately argued that men are pressured into controlling behaviors by the media, their family, their peers, and society overall.

    3. men are more suited for battle than women, and these skills are native; they were selected and evolutionary polished

      Just because the bodies of men and women may be built differently does not mean that one sex is naturally more aggressive than the other. Muscle mass and brain function have no correlation; rather, men have been made to develop anger issues due to society's unrealistic ideals.

    4. Also important in this regard are the findings of social psychologists who have noted that the social emancipation of women in recent decades has barely influenced or enhanced the expressiveness of aggressive behavior in women, which is additional proof that the higher degree of masculine aggressiveness is, first of all, due to genetic factors.

      This argument fails on many levels, however. Although women have been given more opportunities in the workforce, that does not correlate to aggressiveness. Women are already taught to be effective communicators and emotionally vulnerable, while men are taught to hide their feelings. The lack of emotional outlets for men is what causes them to acquire aggressive tendencies, not their ability to attain a job. Just because women have gained a more prominent role in society does not mean their anger levels will increase. Men are frustrated due to their inability to express themselves, and it is time that we combat this injustice.

    5. First of all, it’s not the parents that impose behavioral styles on their children, but their reaction at the latter’s requests; toy guns are bought for boys and dolls for girls because these are usually the children’s preferences (in part genetically predetermined). And as parents respond to children’s preformed wishes, so do media, offering a content which corresponds to behavioral patterns already existing on a social level

      The opposition often states that boys and girls are born with genetically-based preferences. However, it does not seem likely for the brain to be developed and already acquire toy preferences without any prior influences. Children see television ads, other children, and observe their parents' behaviors as well. This is what causes boys to reach for guns and girls to reach for dolls; it is not some biological inclination.

    6. Folk literature and the media constantly present men, and not women, fighting. Parents buy toy guns for boys and dolls for girls. Parents are more willing to endorse and encourage the aggressive behavior of boys, and not of girls.

      Men are bred to be more aggressive due to family, media, and societal influences. The lack of emotional support they received, paired with the unrealistic pressures placed on them, causes men to develop an inner frustration that commonly translates into anger.

    7. One of the most popular theories belongs to American social psychologist Leonard Berkowitz. According to him, men and women are educated, traditionally, to carry out different social roles.

      Men and women are influenced in different ways and this causes them to develop separate characteristics over time. For example, men are conventionally more violent than women due, in many cases, to their harsher upbringing. Men are told to hold in their emotions rather than expressing them.

    1. Gender roles: Men and women are not so different after all

      I plan to use this source in order to contend that women and men share similar fundamental characteristics and the two should not be placed into separate categories.

    2. They identified 10 attributes in which there was a significant gap between genders.

      While men and women do seem to be very similar, there are some instances where the two seem to differ substantially. However, these differences could very well be due to the pressures and influences placed on the two sexes.

    3. If you look at incarceration rates to compare the aggressiveness of men and women, the fact that men constitute the vast majority of the prison population supports the idea that men are extremely more aggressive. However, it’s a misleading estimate of how much typical men and women differ on aggressiveness, if that’s the only thing you look at for comparison,” he said.

      There is a diverse array of factors that must be looked at before feeding into gender stereotypes. Men tend to be seen as more aggressive simply due to the proportion of men in jail compared to women. Even though men do tend to hold more anger than women, one must look at all angles before grouping people together.

    4. Their report, published in American Psychologist, found an almost 80 percent overlap for more than 75 percent of the psychological characteristics, such as risk taking, occupational stress and morality. Simply put, our differences are not so profound.

      Contrary to popular belief, men and women share a lot of characteristics and feelings in common. The difference comes regarding communication; while women are able to express their emotions, men are extremely hesitant to do so.

    5. Gender stereotypes can influence beliefs and create the impression that the differences are large, said Zlatan Krizan, an associate professor of psychology at ISU.

      The gender-based stereotypes presented by the media have made people feel as though men and women have irreconcilable differences. In reality, men and women are more alike than society makes them out to be.

    1. Big boys don’t cry BUT deep down they’re more emotional than women, according to new study

      I plan to use this source in order to show that although men often fail to communicate, they still have plenty of emotions and thoughts that they must be made able to share.

    2. We tend to oversimplify and exaggerate the perceived differences between men and women and are more likely to focus on evidence that supports our existing gender stereotypes.

      Men and women really aren't that different. Society and the media make the two sexes seem more separate than they actually are. Both men and women feel similar emotions, men just feel less comfortable expressing those emotions.

    3. As expected, women said they felt more emotional in response to the content compared to the men.

      Women are more likely to communicate their emotions and admit to their sensitivity, while men are traditionally taught to shield their emotions from others and toughen up in emotional situations.

    4. the women admitted feeling more emotional than the men did.

      While the men physiologically felt more emotional than women, women were more open about their feelings. Men feel the need to hide their emotions in order to fit society's expectations. It's time that men start feeling comfortable to express themselves rather than channeling their emotions through anger and aggression.

    5. The experiment found that when men and women watched the same heart-warming videos, it was the men who experienced stronger physiological reactions.

      Interestingly enough, men showed higher sensitivity in comparison to women. Although men may have more intense feelings, they continue to lack an effective outlet to express those feelings.

    1. the high number of students taking on AP courses and excelling in the intense workload is nothing short of impressive.

      Students that are taking on the coursework and passing the exam show exemplary work ethic and motivation. I can use this quote to demonstrate the dedication it takes excel in an AP course.

    2. With the advanced courses, pupils are not only challenged to take on difficult curriculum, but also must prove they have actually learned the material with multiple-choice and essay tests on the topic each spring semester.

      Students must learn and apply the material they learn in both multiple choice and free response type questions. I can use this quote to demonstrate that in AP courses students must be able to accurately display the knowledge they learn to pass the exam.

    3. These classes are not the typical high school experience, as the courses are created by the College Board and teachers leading each class must be trained and certified by the board to administer the subject.

      AP courses are obviously a different and more advanced course. As a result, teachers need to be trained and certified. Students should also be trained to take AP courses such as taking regular chemistry before AP chemistry or english 1 and 2 then AP english. I can use this quote to demonstrate that no only do students need to be well prepared for AP courses teachers as well must be prepared and taught how to teach the format.

    1. Families and Gender Equity

      I plan to use this source in order to prove the importance of co-parenting and to provide practical solutions to men's controlling behaviors.

    2. Because sharing family work is linked to cooperation in other realms, men's involvement could increase women's public status and reduce men's propensity for violence.

      Men's participation in the parenting process could allow women to enter the workforce and men to adopt more caring characteristics.

    3. The biggest change in marriage has been that men's jobs no longer guarantee them spouses, and women no longer select husbands based primarily on earning potential.

      Although men have been seen as the more capable sex in the past, individuals are moving away from these stereotypes and women have begun to take a stand.

    4. Conversely, because many men worry about their masculinity, they refuse to perform activities they consider "women's work."

      Men often stray from helping women with domestic work because they are embarrassed or feel ashamed to do so. If this stigma was removed, women would not feel so overwhelmed with housework and unable to pursue their other life goals.

    5. Predictably, men who assume responsibility for routine parenting report that it is profoundly enriching. They usually develop the kinder and gentler sides of themselves that are rarely displayed on the job or in all-male social groups.

      Through parenting, men are able to become more kind-hearted and sensitive. In turn, this allows for husbands and wives to communicate and relate better. On top of this, men helping to parent allows women to explore their interests outside of the home.

    6. Compared with mothers, men spend more of their child-care time in games or rough-and-tumble play. We now know that children learn important skills in this kind of interaction, such as how to regulate their emotions.

      Although men are traditionally more aggressive, child care can be an outlet for them to channel their emotions in a positive way. On top of this, men can become more nurturing and less controlling through parent-child interactions.

    7. In spite of these recent trends, many Americans continue to assume that men are the "real" breadwinners and that women should be responsible for child care and housework.

      Even though women have proven themselves through taking on jobs over the past few decades, men continue to be seen as the more dominant, independent, and responsible sex.

    8. Historical and cross-cultural studies show that when men share in routine child care, women enjoy higher public status and share political authority with men. When fathers are intimately involved in the lives of young children, men are unlikely to celebrate their manhood through combative contests, vociferous oratory, and violent rituals. These findings suggest that if we want to move toward gender equity in the society, we should abandon the Victorian ideal of separate spheres. If women are to be equal participants in the economy and the polity, men must become equal partners in maintaining homes and raising children.

      By men sharing the responsibility of raising children, women are given more freedom to explore their similar aspirations. On top of this, men are able to develop more nurturing characteristics through interactions with children. This has the ability to hinder aggressive behavior and better the relationship between men and women. Since women have begun to enter the economy in large numbers, men should begin helping in the home.

    9. Fathers, in contrast, are seen as competitive protectors and providers, enabling them to assume their "rightful" position as head and master of the family.

      Women are constantly forced into roles as mothers and wives since men are pressured to be bread-winners. Women and men should share parenting responsibilities, and both sexes should be given the ability to work if they aspire to do so.

    10. he primary justification for excluding women from positions of authority is a holdover from the nineteenth century. According to the Victorian ideal of separate spheres, frail but morally pure women found true fulfillment in their domestic roles as wives and mothers, and rugged manly men left home to earn a family wage.

      Since the nineteenth century, women have been driven into domestic positions with little opportunity to break from the traditional mold. Nowadays, women are given more of a chance to pursue their interests; however, women continue to be rarely seen in positions of leadership or dominance. This has largely to do with the controlling tendencies of men and society's long-standing portrayal of men as stronger and more capable.

    11. Subservient women and macho men are the product of historically specific social, political, and economic arrangements and are both cause and consequence of identifiable patterns of family life.

      The positions that men and women have acquired throughout history can be primarily blamed on the prejudice fostered by society. Men have gained dominant roles over women through the social, political, and economic status of the country. The various influences upon men and women throughout childhood and adulthood make women feel less able to assert themselves.

    1. The primary justification for excluding women from positions of authority is a holdover from the nineteenth century. According to the Victorian ideal of separate spheres, frail but morally pure women found true fulfillment in their domestic roles as wives and mothers, and rugged manly men left home to earn a family wage.

      Since the nineteenth century, women have been driven into domestic positions with little opportunity to break from the traditional mold. Nowadays, women are given more of a chance to pursue their interests; however, women continue to be rarely seen in positions of leadership or dominance. This has largely to do with the controlling tendencies of men and society's long-standing portrayal of men as stronger and more capable.

    2. Subservient women and macho men are the product of historically specific social, political, and economic arrangements and are both cause and consequence of identifiable patterns of family life.

      The positions that men and women have acquired throughout history can be primarily blamed on the prejudice fostered by society. Men have gained dominant roles over women through the social, political, and economic status of the country. The various influences upon men and women throughout childhood and adulthood make women feel less able to assert themselves.

    1. Any food made from wheat, rice, oats, cornmeal, barley or another cereal grain is a grain product. Bread, pasta, oatmeal, breakfast cereals, tortillas, and grits are examples of grain products.

      Many different food groups need to be consumed throughout the day. This is why people always try to have a BALANCED diet meaning they are getting all the nutrients they need from different foods.

    1. Eating a diet rich in some vegetables and fruits as part of an overall healthy diet may protect against certain types of cancers.

      Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. Healthy eating can lead to a reduction in the risk of getting cancer. Important for families that have the disease running in their family.

    2. people who eat more vegetables and fruits as part of an overall healthy diet are likely to have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases.

      This is a good reason for people to eat healthy rather than relying on supplements to get them the nutrients they aren't getting from meals.

    1. However, no one claims that ads against teen drinking are abusive to alcoholics. In both cases, we are trying to coax people away from negative behaviors.

      I don't agree with the author calling teen pregnancy a negative behavior, not that it should be encouraged, but the comparison to alcoholics is unnecessary as well. Alcoholics are putting their health at risk, and while teen pregnancy is not a wise choice, it certainly is not owed the comparison to being an alcoholic.

    2. Shame

      Shame is used repetitively in the article, possibly to emphasize how the author views the topic of teen pregnancy?

    3. Some, for example, seem to think that the public service announcements are an argument against giving teen mothers support once the baby is born

      I agree with this opinion as well. If a teen does become pregnant, they should not be denied aid, the announcements should be more towards trying to prevent it not making the situation worse

    4. “Now girls don’t be ashamed and you just expect a girl to get pregnant now because so many girls do, but before 1960 it was something for everybody around the corner to talk about and everything.”

      This reference to how times have changed, show just how drastic our views in society are differing from decades ago.

    1. Despite a good deal of evidence that the owners and management had been horribly negligent in the fire, a grand jury failed to indict them on manslaughter charges.

      They were acquitted on all charges and were allowed to reopen. Causing public outrage.

    2. Added to this delinquency were Blanck and Harris’ notorious anti-worker policies. Their employees were paid a mere $15 a week, despite working 12 hours a day, every day. When the International Ladies Garment Workers Union led a strike in 1909 demanding higher pay and shorter and more predictable hours, Blanck and Harris’ company was one of the few manufacturers who resisted, hiring police as thugs to imprison the striking women, and paying off politicians to look the other way.

      Describes how the owners were notorious for having their employees in check,

    3. Within 18 minutes, it was all over. Forty-nine workers had burned to death or been suffocated by smoke, 36 were dead in the elevator shaft and 58 died from jumping to the sidewalks. With two more dying later from their injuries, a total of 145 people were killed by the fire. The workers union set up a march on April 5 on New York’s Fifth Avenue to protest the conditions that had led to the fire; it was attended by 80,000 people.

      Explains the death toll

    1. Shepherd’s description is difficult to read, and it is perhaps why this tragedy is so particularly heartbreaking to me. He continues, “There was plenty of chance to watch them as they came down. The height was eighty feet…I even watched one girl falling. Waving her arms, trying to keep her body upright until the very instant she struck the sidewalk, she was trying to balance herself.”

      Has a witness describing his feeling as he watched young women and girls jump from the 80ft building

    2. As the eighth floor darkened with smoke and the heat rose, manager Samuel Bernstein got the firehose. It was supposed to be connected to a large tank on the roof, but it wasn’t. He lost three to four minutes of precious time while he tried to get water to come out. Only five to six minutes after coming to life, the fire had consumed most of the eighth floor – more than 9,000 sq. ft.

      Shows how quickly the fire spread and swallowed the building whole

    3. The fire quickly grew from the scrap bin and licked at the hanging patterns. As the patterns dropped onto the tables, they ignited the fabric that had been left for Monday morning. There was a firestorm effect where small pieces of burning fabric flew in tornado-like funnels around the room, catching everything in their path on fire. The 180 women who worked on the eighth floor were already lined up at the Greene Street elevators, where they had to wait at wooden partitions to be inspected for theft. Panic rippled through the women as they noticed the smoke and flames beginning in the corner of the room. Some rushed the partition and shouted. Some sprinted to the Washington Place exit. Some ran to the fire escape. Some tried to put the fire out with water pails. But flames just got stronger.

      Explains the terrible condition of the work place

    1. Children who are living in this country have a right to a public education, regardless of their immigration status. But for many educators it's also more than a legal obligation, it's the moral thing to do.

      education is a right that should not be denied to any one.

    2. Many of the new arrivals don't speak much English and are behind academically. They often come with scars, having fled desperate poverty or violence or both. Many endured difficult journeys, sometimes leaving their families behind or rejoining parents in the United States after years of separation.

      The main purpose for DACA is to rescue these children from their violent past and as a promise of a bright future.

    1. Two years before the fire, Triangle workers—many of whom worked 12 hours a day, six days a week—had gone on strike against the Triangle factory and its owners, asking for a 52-hour workweek. Some of their demands were met.

      The doors were locked as punishment for strike and to prevent theft.

    2. It was one of the deadliest workplace disasters in American history, killing 146 people, most of them young immigrant women and children, in a New York City clothing factory.

      This fire single handly changed the face of the American work force.

    3. On Saturday, March 25, 1911, a little before 5 p.m., workers were getting ready to leave when someone on the eighth floor alerted the manager, Samuel Bernstein, that a fire had broken out in a fabric cutter's scrap bin. Investigators later concluded that someone—a person never identified conclusively—tossed a smoldering match or cigarette butt into a container filled with highly flammable cotton and tissue paper on a floor filled with similarly stuffed bins.

      History on what happened, gives the basic information.

    1. In most cases they would have come from a mother-headed household with many siblings. On the other hand some teenagers fall to peer pressure and before they know it they get caught. The absence of a father figure is another major issue. Then we have a generation of young ones who are considered speedy, their eyes are shine, some of them get caught having sex for simple things like sneakers and other material things which they could very well do without.

      This author uses several examples of how teens are likely to become pregnant, which gives insight to how influential one's environment, and even the generation they are in, can be.

    2. the inability of single parent mothers who cannot effectively provide for their children. The other thing is there are no job opportunities for the youths these days and they are forced to do things that they really don’t want to do.

      Cameron's opinion is one I share, that a major issue with teen pregnancy is the sole fact that the young mothers-to-be are not prepared mentally or financially to provide for the child

    1. Foreigners are often startled when they discover how seriously Americans take college sports. The captain of a university soccer team in Europe is no more likely to be famous than the student who came top in a chemistry exam. In America, however, the top student athletes are stars, watched and cheered by millions.

      it gives example how our country loves college sports,

      this can be used to show out of most countries in the world we value colleges sports the most arguably, if we can love colleges sports the players need to get paid.

    1. Esther Harris had been listed as a victim of the Triangle Fire – but actually survived. This article from the New York Times, “Cures Girl Victim of Triangle Fire”, is dated April 8, 1913 (the doctor used what was a very new technique back then……traction.)

      After being told she'd die and never walk again, she was able to recover from her broken back and regain her ability to walk

    2. Esther Harris had been listed as a victim of the Triangle Fire – but actually survived. This article from the New York Times, “Cures Girl Victim of Triangle Fire”, is dated April 8, 1913 (the doctor used what was a very new technique back then……traction.)

      A new doctor decided to use her as atest dummy to practice his new treatment for a broken back.

    3. Esther Harris had been listed as a victim of the Triangle Fire – but actually survived. This article from the New York Times, “Cures Girl Victim of Triangle Fire”, is dated April 8, 1913 (the doctor used what was a very new technique back then……traction.)

      Explains how she was basically given up on

    1. Overworked and underpaid,  garment workers struck Triangle in the fall of 1909.  Management responded by hiring prostitutes to "strike women"  and thugs and plainclothes detectives "to hustle them off to court on flimsy pretexts," according to an article in Survey magazine. The strike soon spread to other shirtwaist manufacturers. By Christmas, 723 employees had been arrested, but the public largely sided with labor.  After thirteen weeks, the strike ended with new contracts establishing a 52-hour maximum work week and wage increases of 12 to 15%.

      Already had an incident where they went on strike

    2. Many pointed fingers at New York City's Building Department, blaming it for an inadequate inspection of the Triangle Shirtwaist factory.  District Attorney Charles Whitman called for "an immediate and rigid" investigation to determine whether the Building Department "had complied with the law." Coroner Holtzhauser, sobbing after his inspection of the Asch Building, declared: "Only one little fire escape! I shall proceed against the Building Department along with the others.  They are as guilty as any." Defending the Department against charges he called "outrageously unfair," Borough President George McAneny said the building met standards when plans were filed for it eleven years earlier, and that the Department was seriously understaffed and underfunded and rarely had time to look at buildings except those being constructed.

      Explains how they tried to set up the evidence

    3. Within two days after the fire, city officials began announcing preliminary conclusions concerning the tragic fire.  Fire Marshal William Beers stated that the fire probably began when a lighted match was thrown into either waste near oil cans or into clippings under cutting table No. 2 on the Greene Street side of the eighth floor.  Despite an announced policy of no smoking in the factory, Beers reported that fire investigators picked up many cigarette cases near the spot of the fires origin, and that many employees reported that smoking on the premises was commonplace.  Fire Chief Edward Croker told the press that doors leading into the factory workplace appeared to be locked and that his men had to chop their way through doors to get at the fire.

      Explains how the blame shifted within the first couple hurs

    1. For the women who had run to the fire escape, the route down was terrifying. The landings and sloping stairs were wide enough for only one woman at a time. The fire escape ended over a basement skylight in an airshaft enclosed on all sides by the three buildings that occupied the city block. Realizing this, one woman opened the sixth floor shutters and broke through the window. Women followed her lead and ran to the stairwell on that floor only to find the doors locked. But they were the lucky ones. They were later rescued by a police officer who heard them pounding on the door. The fire escape soon collapsed taking dozens of women with it.

      Gives the info revolving around the fire escape incident.

    1. Women in France have asked that the image of women be portrayed as something more positive, but they want this in the form of reverse sexism, making men appear to be the lesser being. Because of this, they are looking for a balance which will hopefully make all forms of discrimination not allowed in ads. This can be used to support the fact that advertisements don’t need to be demeaning in any sense in order to be effective.

    2. This quote explains that advertising has been widely influenced by feminist groups in the country because they do not approve of the way they get portrayed in the media. Later in the paragraph it is explained that these groups are losing their credibility because they are no longer seen to be as influential as other groups. This can be used to support the opposition, stating that there are bigger problems.

    3. This basically says that despite France having so many rules that control their ads, many of them are not being followed but ads are being published anyway. This can be used to explain the fact that society is starting to care about moral standards much less, making the exploitation okay.

    1. A sweeping study of undocumented students across the country conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles, found that 35% of college-age students with DACA reported anxiety rates above the clinical cut-off rate.

      Normal anxiety plus added anxiety of immigrant status.

    2. Still, those recipients account for just a fraction of the estimated 1.1 million DREAMers who likely qualify.

      it is a pity that some students are not using DACA for fear of prejudiced.

    3.  More than 664,000 undocumented immigrants have received DACA benefits since the program began, with another 244,000 who have renewed their deferred

      More statistics

    4. In his research last year, Gonzales found that 60% of DACA recipients found a new job, while 45% were able to see higher wages.

      DACA students are not slums statistics state they are taking advantage of the situation.

    5. , granting temporary documentation to young DREAMers and allowing them to work aboveboard opens new doors beyond the security of knowing they will not be deporte

      It is a relief not thinking about deportation but also uncertain

    6. . Since then, those DREAMers have dramatically reshaped the immigration debate, seen their political clout explode and become ingrained in American culture.

      Future political minds.

    1. the total unfunded liability for Social Security and Medicare grew by nearly six billion dollars

      As time goes on and the longer we wait to fix this program the more money we will go into debt because of the amount of older adults needing money from the government. This eventually will cause a crash and the younger generations will have the burden of this problem.

    2. increasing taxes while cutting benefits

      The program is not working anymore. with so many people needing money and not enough to go around the program is bound to fail. every way to fix the problems "increases taxes while cutting benefits".

    3. The population is aging, with a larger number of elderly living longer.

      With more older people growing in our country the more money is going to be needed for the people. Which there is already not enough so adding more to that will for sure not work.

    4. First, “contributions” to Social Security and Medicare are insufficient to provide the promised benefits

      The money put into Social security and Medicare isn't even enough to pay for the benefits people need and put their money into it in the first place.

    5. He recognized that once the American people got hooked on government benefits, they would never go back.

      Knowing that Social Security is a government benefit for people with Disabilities could be important background information to include in my paper.

    1. This quote explains that they obtained the results that were initially expected. Despite previous research that says sex doesn’t usually make something more memorable, each trial conducted by this experiment produced results that said the sexual advertisements were the most memorable. This can be used to support the belief that men are more likely to be influenced by sexual ads.

    2. Although differences between male and female were not intended to be examined, the difference was large so it was explained. This simply states that after the study was complete, men were more likely to remember the brands that advertised a certain product. This can be used to support comments about men having a larger influence by these ads.

    3. Sexual ads are more memorable than those who are not, so they are easier to remember. Because they are easier to remember, consumers often feel a greater impulse to purchase the product. This can be used to support remarks to acknowledge the opposition.

    1. "first step toward a better-embraced aging sector, one that is not diminished by prejudice born from misunderstanding."

      This is a good quote to explain that experts know the problems that are occurring involved with older adults but other Americans use their prejudice to judge these people. Judging people just by the way the look is not helping anything because now nothing is being done because no one cares.

    2. "Finally, the public asserted a belief in “mind over matter.” That you are as old as you feel and that people’s experience of aging is determined by their attitude, willpower, and choices."

      This quote explaining how the public believes that older adults aging is based on will power and attitude i can use in my paper to use as a counterargument saying that older adults make their own life by their actions. I can rebuttal this talking about Alzhiemers and how this diseases affects older adults taking memory away. This makes it difficult for adults to complete daily tasks for their life. Not only is their life influenced on their age but money isn't always the easiest for all Seniors.

    3. " The public believes the well-being of older adults is exclusively the result of individual lifestyle choices and financial planning"

      This quote has a good meaning that i would like to bring up in my paper. Someone who believes this most likely has not had anything go wrong in their life to the point that they need to make financial adjustments. When older adults grow into the age that they need help and don't have that much money to pay for all their expensives, I don't believe that they should be 100% put to blame. No one is perfect and with the high cost of medical bills that older Americans pay its hard to save and have money for everything when about 15% of older adults already live in poverty. That not including the people in our country who have other problems to worry about in their lives.

    4. "The belief that older adults are “other” contributes to a zero-sum thinking wherein policy discussions about aging are characterized as more resources for “them” means less for “us.”"

      When Americans talk about Social Security and think about older adults, the resources of money for them is going to be eventually us. Everyone grows old and when Americans see older adults as Slow and fixed, that is going to be the younger generation one day.

    5. "With the right contextual and social supports, older adults remain healthy and maintain high lives of independence and functioning"

      This quote is a good rebuttal to the argument that older adults become "fixed" in their personalities and skills. I can even find another source to talk about someones story of aging and success

    6. "The public characterizes the aging process as one in which identity, knowledge, skills, success, and other aspects of life become increasingly “fixed.”"

      Thinking about this, older adults do not change and cannot do anything more than what they have accomplished so far. So learning new information might be hard to do So there is not much need for them.

    7. " The most common language about aging was of “loss,” “slowing down,” and “breaking down.” "

      This quote is a good example of what Americans this of older adults. This information can be used as a counterargument from some people saying that older adults aren't as important as the new generation.

    1. The truth is that making our high schools more like colleges will not necessarily help them provide a superior education. Nor will it necessarily provide their graduates with a better preparation for success when they encounter true college-level work.

      High school is meant for students to build foundations and progress. AP courses jump the gun by introducing tremendous stress and ruining the foundation of students since they begin studying the material over learning the material. I can use this quote to demonstrate college level work should be sparse in high school and only allowed to a select few that are eligible and motivated to take.

    2. A student who tries to bypass first-year chemistry (even with a 5 on the AP exam) may find second-year chemistry a daunting challenge.

      College introductory classes are better equipped for preparing students for a second year course than AP courses. I can use this quote to prove how ineffective AP courses on prepping students for college.

    3. Contrary to popular belief, very few students at top colleges and universities actually use their AP-exam results to graduate early. One reason is that students tend to enjoy their college years and are often not in a hurry to enter the job market a year or a semester early. A second reason is that many colleges limit the number of credits toward graduation that a student can take from AP courses.

      Stacking on the AP courses throughout high school isn't beneficial since colleges limit how much credit they can take from AP courses. I can use this quote to demonstrate the stacking AP courses is harmful since students go through the trouble of taking the class for the exam but then the college doesn't accept it because the student may have too many AP course credits rather than the colleges approved courses.

    4. In an earlier era, students were encouraged to take four years of mathematics, science, English, history, and language in high school, with an emphasis on the basics. Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I still believe that a student who does this will be superbly prepared for college.

      The emphasis on the basics allows for students to build of of what they learn and further their education, but AP courses don't allow for the basics resulting in learning equations or processes. I can use this quote to expose the lack of education students receive when in AP courses.

    5. Now, in the name of being "advanced," some high schools are trying to outdo colleges in their coverage of theoretical concepts, even though students may not have the mathematics or physics background to understand the theory. In many cases, students have spent so much time studying such concepts as the quantum theory of the energy levels of hydrogen that they have no clue that silicon chips in computers are made from sand.

      AP courses don't apply applications to life and students lack the understanding of the basics since they study equations and steps. I can use this quote to demonstrate that AP courses lack many fundamental concepts that allow students to build off of what they learn.

    6. In high school, teachers of AP courses must frequently race through a yearlong college syllabus, saving several weeks at the end to coach students for the test. They have little opportunity to innovate or bring their own best ideas to the subject because of the sheer volume of information to be presented. Indeed, some AP courses attempt to cover more material than their college analogs do.

      The cramming of information doesn't allow for students to truly learn the material and that's what AP courses are doing in high school. I can use this quote to demonstrate that the set up and preparation of AP courses is inadequate for the exam.

    7. high school curriculum is turning into a pale imitation of college courses

      I can use this quote to point out the flaw in what high schools are attempting to achieve. *pale imitation

    8. advancedplacement programs are rapidly becoming the latest way in which schools are "teaching to the test," rather than using creativity to excite and challenge students.

      AP courses are centered around passing the exam, thus creates the dilemma that teachers teach the test and students don't really learn from the experience. I can use this quote to demonstrate that AP courses hinder the learning process since it leaves students without a basic understanding of the foundations and forces to strictly study the material.

    1. among adults who say there are immigrants in their communities, about half say that immigrants don’t have much of an impact on crime in their community (53%), job opportunities (50%) and food, music and the arts (46%). And about four-in-ten (41%) say immigrants don’t have much of an effect on community schools.

      key ideas/ stats: the areas where they believe immigrants are impacting the united states.

    2. 49% say immigrants in the U.S. are making food, music and the arts better, while few see them harming these areas of life

      key ideas: examples of what immigrants are doing in america

    3. For example, Republicans are much more likely to say that Latin American immigrants—the largest group of immigrants among today’s modern wave—have had a negative impact (58%) than to say they’ve had a positive impact (13%), while 36% of Democrats say they’ve had a positive impact and 23% say a negative impact. Among independents, 35% say the impact of Latin American immigrants has been mostly negative, while 27% say it has been mostly positive.

      Stats: based on only Latin immigrants because they are the largest group of immigrants in America.

    4. About half of U.S. adults today (51%) say that immigrants strengthen the country because of their hard work and talents, compared with 41% who say that they are more of a burden because “they take our jobs, housing and health care.” In 1994, opinions were flipped: Almost two-thirds of Americans (63%) said immigrants were a burden, while 31% said they strengthened the country.

      stats/key idea/ quote: these stats demonstrate the growth individuals in america feel about immigrants. it also says why they seem to believe in what they believe in.

    5. those with a college degree, about two-thirds (64%) say immigrants make American society better in the long run. A far lower share among those with some college (44%) or with a high school diploma or less (32%) share this view.

      key ideas: is it weird that those with a higher education believe in immigrants being better for america while individuals with a high school diploma agree with the same although with half the percentage?

    6. U.S. Among Democrats, 55% say immigrants are making American society better in the long run, while 24% say immigrants are making things worse and 18% say they are not having much effect. But among Republicans, views are nearly the opposite: 53% say immigrants are making American society worse in the long run, while 31% say they are making things better.

      Key ideas: I noticed that the stats between a democrat and a republican are fairly close when deciding if immigrants are making america better or worse.

    7. When asked what one word first comes to mind when thinking about immigrants in the U.S. today, the word “illegal” is offered by 12% of American adults—more than any other word. Other respondents offered words such as “overpopulation” (5%), “legality” (4%), “jobs” (3%), “deportation” (3%) and “work ethic” (3%).

      quote: this could be used to describe what americans think about immigrants in the united states.

    8. about one-in-four (24%) Americans say they have a friend or relative who is a recent immigrant.

      Stats: prove that family and friends may be helping each other come to America for a better life just like everyone wants.

    9. three-quarters of U.S. adults (78%) say there are immigrants living in their community. Among all Americans, about a quarter of adults (27%) say there are many recent immigrants, in the community where they live, 31% say there are some and 18% say there are only a few. Just 2% of U.S. adults say there are no recent immigrants in their community.

      Stats: demonstrates that is more likely to say that immigrants are entering the united states more.

    10. And when asked what one word comes to mind when they think about immigrants, “illegal” is cited most often (12%).

      Key ideas: why do most assume immigrants are all illegal?

    11. On balance, U.S. adults are somewhat more likely to say immigrants are making American society better in the long run (45%) than to say they’re making it worse (37%).

      Stats: can demonstrate the percentage of people who think immigrants are making america better or worse.

    1. This statement explains that sexist humor is most successful among audiences with very one sided views; meaning that those who thrive on female/sexual exploitation in marketing are those individuals stuck on these extremely sexist and demeaning views towards women in a general sense. I can use this to further support any statements said towards hateful and demeaning men.

    2. This statement is an explanation for the success of demeaning women in advertising. It is successful because it degrades women in an overall sense and it seen as a way to remind women that they are meant for nothing but housekeeping, caretaking, and providing children to a man. This will be used to support the unacceptable background of sexism that advertising thrives on.

    3. The quote states that despite how far women have come in what seems to be all areas of life, women are still seen as though their primary responsibilities should be involving domestic matters and as though nothing else should matter: their responsibilities should be centered around housekeeping and caretaking despite any and everything a woman has set up for herself to be successful. I will use this to support an introductory remark on overall sexism, which will feed into sexism in marketing, and eventually, sex appeal and its gender specific-ness.

    1. This sentence explains that sexual ads are seen as unacceptable forms of marketing by many because of the fact that ‘casual sex’ is always what is being promoted. Because the appeal is outside the context of a relationship, it is generally frowned upon. This can be used to support reasons for negativity towards sex in marketing.

    2. The quote summarizes the preceding paragraph; gender has an overall effect on the way sexual activity in a general sense is perceived, so it also affects their views on the use of sex appeal to advertise. I can use this to support any final words I may have in regard to the moral aspect of sex appeal to advertise.

    3. This sentence sets up the study, but also provides insight to bias from the author. The language allows us to see and understand the author’s perspective, since he believes the use of sexual images is unnecessary and completely overdone. I will use this to support my beliefs in that sex appeal can be completely unnecessary and overused.

    1. This statement summarizes the paragraph it is found in, which basically explains the female perspective of sex in marketing. It basically found that since women seem to be empowered by embracing femininity and intimacy, they find some sex appeal to be appropriate, but only effective in moderation.

    2. This statement provides the basis of the study. It provides insight to the argument, stating that sexual appeals are only effective if used with ease rather than overdone in an offensive manner. This can be used to support statements on the use of sex to be demeaning and exploitative.

    3. This is a statement explaining that sex is used so frequently because marketers are reliant on the phrase ‘sex sells.’ Also gives multiple examples of brands who take advantage of the saying. This can be used to support comments on the increase of reliance to sex appeal in marketing techniques.

    1. This sentence summarizes the following paragraph and explains different methods in which producers choose to advertise a product. All five of these common methods, are sex based. This can be used to support statements saying that sex is used too much to sell.

    2. This paragraph explains the validity of the phrase 'sex sells.' This quote sums it up by simply saying that the popular phrase is correct. I can use this quote to support introductory statements about the use of sexual exploitation for profit.

    3. This quote defines sex appeal as something used to create a fantasy in the mind of a consumer to persuade them to buy a product. I can use this to support introductory statements about the use and overuse of the technique.

    1. "While there were adults doing it, no one quite was able to put the kind of fire and bring the kind of attention to the plight of the immigrant community as they were," Gutierrez says.

      We are young and the future!

    2. "There are thousands of students just like me who did not choose to come to the United States, but who have worked so hard to make something out of themselves,"

      We work with what we have, we did not have a choice but we pay the consequences