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  1. Apr 2017
    1. Derrida'sdeconstructionofthehumanisticsubjecttumsingreatpartontheeffacementofthesubject/structurebi-narythatallowshumanistslikeHusserlandFreud44topositaself-presentI,"afixedorigin"thatitself"escape[s]structurality"insuchawayastolimit"theplayofstructure."

      . . . . and how does this solve our problem?

  2. Mar 2017
    1. Remark: the-written-text of this-oral-communication was to be delivered to the Asso-ciation des societes de philosophie de langue fran<;aise before the meeting. That dispatch should thus have been signed. Which I do, and counterfeit, here. Where? There. J. D.

      Maybe it's because reading this whole thing has turned my brain to mush, but I found this sign off pretty frickin' hilarious. I'm sure there's something interesting I could say about absence, here, but I'm not sure what it would be.