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  1. May 2015
    1. Again, there are no ideal ways to cope. Discussing feelings with others including friends, family and support groups, learning about HIV, being healthy, and making space and time to relax and take part in other activities can help. “He found it incredibly difficult to handle and told me he was terrified. I saw another side to this person and for 2 days all he talked about was how is he going to cope? At first I found this startling as I was the one with the diagnosis, but in fact turned all my efforts in to helping him cope with his mental health. It took my mind away from what I was supposed to be dealing with. However 3 days later he told me he could cope no longer and I was sent on my merry way.” Trevor, Brisbane, Australia

      People with HIV not only have to go through a lot of physical pain and take many precautions, but they also go through tremendous amount of emotional pain. It is very important that people with HIV are aware that they are not alone because many people with HIV isolate themselves from the world out of fear.

    1. Keeping a healthy body People living with HIV or AIDS need different foods from healthy people. HIV/AIDS and the medicines people have to take can make you lose a lot of weight, feel cold all the time and get serious stomach problems. This will make you weaker and more vulnerable to serious infections. Because you easily get infections, it is also very important to clean and cook food properly and to drink only clean water.

      This is very important for people with HIV to know because with HIV one's immune system is already under risk, so eating right is extremely important. I did not know that they need to have different eating habits, why?

    1. In the United States, new infections at birth are now very rare because of drugs that pregnant women can take that can block HIV transmission to the child. It is important to start these drugs early in pregnancy. I

      This is a resource for teens that are pregnant because it will prevent from any further transmissions of HIV.