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  1. Oct 2015
    1. and how she pushed her work to new heights with a lot of practice.

      But many artists don't get get the recognition they deserve. I believe its all about luck

    2. In other words, you’re able to more convincingly get your point across and to more profoundly connect with your audience

      Art is a way that people express their ideas without being judged by others.

    3. If you produce a unified series or body of themed related works, you become the expert or authority on whatever thoughts, inspirations or ideas are embodied within that art

      Does everyone accept all forms of art?

    4. Artists create prints, books, sculptures, paintings, and many more objects,

      Art does not only have to consist of paintings but art is basically anything that you create. Art is when you use your imagination or skills.

  2. Sep 2015
    1. Still, the public safety concerns used by the police to justify Ahmed’s arrest have been used to justify disciplinary action against science and technology projects before.

      Why can't people be smart and actually check if it was a clock or not?

    2. When Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old tinkerer and inventor, recently took his homemade clock to school to share his creation with faculty and peers, the response he got from his teachers was less than enthusiastic.

      He is changing the way people view others. It was wrong that just cause he was Muslim he was targeted for making a bomb. This is not fair

  3. May 2015
    1. With the global population slated to hit nine billion by the year 2050, and meat consumption increasing steadily around the world, our current land and water resources simply don’t supply enough animal protein to meet the future demand.

      I agree that there should be a new way to consume meat but I also think it should be done differently than eating insects.