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  1. Apr 2015
    1. Docks that collapsed when the water receded are seen at Lake Cachuma in Santa Barbara, California March 27, 2015. Photo by Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

      This image really shows that the drought won't only be effecting farmers and people who live there, but also possibly importing goods. The drought is not only destructive to farmers but also to everyone else, and even people throughout USA since it is imported. This is even horrible for the economy, because many fruits and vegetables as well as other food and gods are coming from California, and if they can't supply that, then prices will go up, there will be less fruit and vegetables, not as many people will buy then since there is less expensive food, and the production will go down. It is effecting everyone, but the worst of it is in California. The economy will go down when it comes to buying fruits and vegetables and importing them to other places, which, in turn, would lose California a lot of money and prices will go up even higher, and California may not be able to recover for a while. It is not a good thing for anyone no matter where they are.

    2. Following years of severe drought and the lowest winter snowpack ever recorded in the state, California Gov. Jerry Brown announced a plan Wednesday to impose a 25 percent reduction on most of the state’s local water supply agencies. NewsHour’s

      I feel that this makes the state almost a survival of the fittest, and that the people who can't get water themselves won't survive. It makes people have to survive by themselves, especially since there is not much water. Where will the water supply go? What about people who can't find water or are not rich enough to find or afford water in the drought? The farmers won't be able to create fruits and vegetables and prices would go up, so it's generally bad in the economy too. Even for people who don't live in California or have relatives there, the drought would still effect them.