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  1. Apr 2015
    1. And a four-year degree is not always synonymous with “best choice.”

      I think that it may be true that a four year degree is not always be the best choice, because of all the debts mentioned in the article. There are ways that you can agree with the author of the article, but when it comes to educational reputation, and trying to find a job, it might be best to have the four-year degree, even if there might be a possible high student loan debt.

    1. Many students at these schools are minorities or from low-income families.

      I think that it is kind of evident that students from low-income families, or are minorities, are not graduating. It is most likely because of the trouble they are in, having to find money, or not being recognized because of them being minorities.

    2. Get communities and families involved:

      It is important to involve the families and communities of the students involved in the students' education. It is their surroundings, and their parents who can guide them when they are not in school, where teachers cannot look over them. They then can have guidance when they are outside of school as well.